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[CNY Feature] Prima Deli Chinese New Year Delights feat Pineapple Tarts January 22, 2014

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Prima Deli PineappleTarts & Chicken Bak Kwa Cookies

The snake year is coming to an end.  Gosh!  Is that the reason why I can no longer “snake” at work already?  The Chinese has a saying “做牛做马” – was wondering if I am going to be fated to work like a horse this coming horse year?  I certainly hope that is not the case.  One of the earliest Chinese New Year (CNY) treats I get this year is from PrimaDeli.  [Thank you for the treats!] But I hardly have time to sneak a bite at the pineapple tarts till recently.  As I was displaying the fabulous looking tin on my office desk, my colleague told me that PrimaDeli pineapple tarts is her family favourite!  (Then she rushed to get a few tins for early bird discount!)  Even before biting into them, I already adore the tin containers.  I like to recycle these containers and turn them into something useful.  Maybe this can be my coin bank for the new year!

Prima Deli Pineapple TartsPillow Pineapple Tarts ($16.80)

The pillow pineapple tarts are gorgeous looking.  Even my mother say so.  It has a very consistent glazed tone on each and every single piece of the pineapple tart.  In fact, have you eaten the famous chicken pies from PrimaDeli, well, that is that exact execution it has on the pineapple tarts exterior!   The bite size pineapple tarts have a crumbly pastry pillow crust with moist pineapple inside that is so irresistible to stop.  For those cheese fans out there, there is a cheese version of the pineapple tarts ($16.80/tin).  Imagine some salty hints of parmesan cheese with the sweet pineapples!  My mouth is salivating just thinking of it.

PrimaDeli Chicken Bak Kwa Cookie Chicken Bak Kwa Cookie ($17.80)

The chicken Bak Kwa Cookie will make for a unique savoury treat.  There are plenty of bak kwa (BBQ meat) bits in the cookie that was a little disturbing at first bite because they were quite hard.  But as you got to the habit of chewing it, you can actually taste the fragrant bits of the chicken bak kwa.  Actually while I was having this I was wondering why they used chicken bak kwa and realised that PrimaDeli CNY treats are Halal certified.  Which means we can actually share these CNY treats with our Muslim friends.  How delightful!

Walnut Sugee and Pistachio Cookies.jpgProsperity Cookies

PrimaDeli also have a wide range of other cookies available.  This year, three new flavours were introduced in PrimaDeli tins of treats: the sesame, walnut sugee and pistachio.  Prices range from $16.80 to $17.80 per tin.  However, the Deluxe Almond ($16.80) is something I will consider because amongst all the CNY treats, I love almond cookies the most!  All the cookies are packed in an elegant maroon tin which makes it a very good choice for gifts to family and friends!  Share the CNY giving spirit to your Muslim friends as PrimaDeli treats are Halal certified.  You heard it twice!

PrimaDeli CNY Festive Group Shot

Other than the cookies, PrimaDeli also has their signature Premium Pandan Chiffon ($5.90 standard, $10.90 large) which is a very light fluffy cake and definitely my favourite teatime snack, Lapis Surbaya  (original/ chocolate/ pandan) ($12.80) and Marble Cake ($9.50 standard, $13.40 large)!  Making a debut is the Orange Butter Cake ($21.80, large) with glazed orange wedges on top.  Impressed your guests with this Orange Butter Cake soft and moist with distinctive buttery flavour infused a citrus flavour and mandarin orange pulp within.  The classic Kueh Lapis ($42.80), a traditional cake infused with cloves, fragant spices and baked skilfully layer by layer; is something not to be missing.  I heard early reservations are required as baking capacity is limited!

Special Promotion

From now till 30 Jan 2014 get 15% off Pillow/Cheese Pineapple tarts and Prosperity Cookies.  Citibank Cardholders gets 8% off usual price + 10% Citi rebate.  Prima Priviledge Card members gets additional 3% off.


Hotline: 6276-3333 (for general and corporate enquiries)

A list of their outlets are available on PrimaDeli website.

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