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[CNY Feature] BreadTalk Horseperity Gallops Into the New Year January 12, 2014

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BreadTalk-CNY2014bun Assemble

BreadTalk adds to the festivity cheer by introducing some festive treats that will sure to delight the young and old with its unique and delicious taste as well as the interesting designs, upping its reputation as a bread boutique in Singapore. I always admire BreadTalk strength in naming its treats that are phonetically sounding to the bread’s ingredients; make me feel so compelled to own and eat it. Particularly these Chinese festive ones, I just want to buy them so that it brings me the luck I want just as how it is named.

BreadTalk Horseperity Horseperity ($2.30) – Special

The Horseperity & Lucky Charm are the two special editions for the year of horse. Don’t you think the horse shape bun is really cute? Just like the zodiac stamps for the year of horse issued by Singpost this year which created much controversy, this Horseperity looks more like a donkey to me than a horse.  What says you?  But I’m sure this treat will delight the kids not only with its adorable design but also the chocolates décor.  While the adults will love the bak kwa treat with mayonnaise and cheddar cheese.

BreadTalk Lucky Charm Lucky Charm ($2) – Special

Another Year of the Horse special is the Lucky Charm shaped like a horseshoe. Do you know that horseshoe is supposed to bring luck?  In some cultures, you can hang a horseshoe with its end pointing upwards as it will act as a storage for all the luck that is pointing around.  To let you in on this, I have a horseshoe that was gifted by a friend who thoughtfully bought for me on his overseas trip.  Since then I always place the horseshoe on my work table to bring me luck.  Back to the BreadTalk Lucky Charm, it is made from a buttery Danish pastry filled with sweet raisins and fragrant orange peel.  I like that it is sprinkled generously with almond slices for that added crunch.  And this Lucky Charm is a really huge one!  The size of the charm is so huge that I’m sure it is going to bring plenty of good luck!

BreadTalk Prosperity Polo Prosperity Polo ($2)

In this Prosperity Polo, the boluo bun is injected with the auspicious slice of fruit pineapple or “ong lai” which means fortune is coming in Hokkien.  The crust of the bun is topped with a layer of creamy custard that brings a delightful sweet and sour flavour to the bun.

BreadTalk Bak Kwa Treasures Bak Kwa Treasures ($2.30)

This Bak Kwa Treasures is my favourite because I am a fan of Bak Kwa; a sweet barbeque meat that is the most popular festive treat at all homes.  The surprise really came for me when I bite into a spicy sambal pork floss that is filled in the bun.  Turn out that the coined shaped bak kwa isn’t the treasure but the sambal pork floss the real treasure find.  Although the Horseperity has Bak Kwa, but this really beat it hands down.

BreadTalk Chestnut Ingot Chestnut Ingot ($1.60)
BreadTalk Mandarina Luck Mandarin Luck ($1.60)

The Chestnut Ingot & Mandarin Luck were more ordinary in terms of taste and design as compared to the rest.  The Ingot was my least favourite as other than its auspicious shape, it just comes with a red bean paste and a sweet chestnut.  It would have been better if they have used a chestnut cream filling instead.   The Mandarin Luck could almost pass off as a mandarin with a nice colour tone like mandarin oranges.  It has a nice citrusy orange peel filling and orange flavoured crust.

BreadTalk Horseperity Cookie Set Horseperity Cookie Set ($33)

BreadTalk also has a cookie set – made up of three treats: almond cookies, sweet potato sesame cookies and prawn samosa packed neatly in a box set.  They also have a pineapple tart ($22) that are good as gift sets to be given away.

Festive Promotion

Enjoy the special Horseperity Fortune Set at $50 which includes the Horseperity Cookie Set ($33) and Pineapple Tart ($22).  UOB card members can enjoy the same Horseperity set at $48.

BreadTalk wish you Money More

From now till 14 February, recite ” Money more” to the BreadTalk staff upon payment and receive $1 off the Chinese New Year cookie.

Receive a “Money More” coin and a pack of red packets with a minimum spend of $8 in a single receipt.

Receive 2 sets of “Money More” coins and red packets with any purchase of Chinese New Year cookies.

Use 3 “Money More” coins to redeem for a free Chinese New Year bun worth $2.30

Use 6 “Money More” coins to enjoy $8 off the Horseperity Cookie Set (UP: $33)

Use 10 “Money More” coins to redeem a free box of Pineapple Tarts worth $22.

For more information, visit BreadTalk website.

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