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Bangkok Jam @ Marina Square January 9, 2014

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Bangkok Jam Marina Square
Bangkok Jam is not new in the scene, as you already know, they have a total of 5 outlets and the Marina Square outlet is part of the Marina Square The Dining Edition, a heavenly dining enclave with a lot of dining and café options.  Several years back, Bangkok Jam opened with much fanfare and wide media coverage.  As a new-kid-in-the-block for a modern bistro concept for a Thai cuisine is quite a unique proposition to many.  Plus food is good and relatively cheap, therefore it drew a large crowd after its spicy Thai cuisine.

Bangkok Jam Sambal Kang Kongpak bung fai daeng (Kang Kong with Sambal) $9

The spicy stir-vegetable is a perennial favourite, whether you are ordering a Chinese zhi char (restaurant food at hawker prices) and even in Thai zhi char.  The sambal and chilli used is fiery therefore standby your water.  Kang Kong has to be picked and eaten while it is “young”, so that the hollow stems is crunchy when you chew at it.  The kang kong served met a good standard.

Bangkok Jam Shrimps with Pomelo and Cashew yum som o goond sod (Pomelo Salad with Shrimps) $10.50

The salad is really an explosion of taste.  With sweet, sour, spicy, bitter all going at the same time.  I rather enjoy the generous portion of the pomelo here, but of course right because this is a pomelo salad!  There are also some string beans fried together in this spicy salad.  It is topped with some roasted cashew for that extra crunch.

 Bangkok Jam Thai Olive Fried Ricekhao phad nam liab (Thai Olive Fried Rice) $11

The Thai olive fried rice is nicely presented in an earthened looking bowl, topped with cashew, and papaya salad.  Like that the rice is grainy.  However it is quite lacking in terms of the taste of the olive.  Maybe I really expected a stronger taste as a Thai food should be.  Maybe all the fiery chilli numbs the tastebud already.

Bangkok Jam Red Tom Yum souptom yum taay (Seafood in Red Tom Yum) $7.90

How can we go to a Thai restaurant without ordering tom yum soup?  Served in a rather unique shape bowl, that seems to be spilling its contents, this tom yum soup is rather value for money with a lot of seafood ingredients in a small bowlful of tom yum.  As I was typing this blog post, I am salivating just thinking of the tom yum.  I would recommend to order this if you visit Bangkok Jam.

Bangkok Jam Mixed Grillyang ruam (Bangkok Mixed Grill) $23

The Bangkok Mixed Grill is symphony of grilled squid, prawns, chicken and beef all in one plate.  Nothing quite spectacular goes on here.  Ingredients are quite fresh and we quite like the squid.  However the accompanied sauce does not give the kind of kick I want.  The dish was really quite ordinary and we didn’t really care to even finish it.

Verdict:  The staff at Bangkok Jam was rather attentive and was ready to serve us the water we need to kill the fiery fire burning in our tongue.  Of the dishes we had, I personally enjoyed the pomelo salad and tom yum soup.  The Bangkok Mixed Grill was something to be missed, and especially so with a hefty price tag, better off to use the money and choose two other dishes in the menu which will work out about the same price.  Not withstanding, it was a pleasant dining experience and I also like the bright, colourful and cheery environment.  Prices are reasonable, and if you are missing Bangkok and not flying there anytime soon, can give Bangkok Jam a try.  Or even a repeat visit.

Bangkok Jam | Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-105B/C  Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6338 6632
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 3pm (lunch), 6pm – 10pm (dinner)
Saturday & Sunday:  11.30am to 10pm

Bangkok Jam Singapore

Bangkok Jam is also available at Great World City, Plaza Singapura, Wheelock Place & JEM (Jurong Gateway).

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