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[Australia] Brother Baba Buddan Cafe @ Little Bourke Street, Melbourne January 8, 2014

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Brother Baba Buddan @ Melbourne Nice Cosy Décor

Brother Baba Buddan is the first café that I visited in Melbourne. Even if the acronym is BBB, however what they serve is really AAA grade coffee.  Hence it set a very high benchmark for the rest of the coffee I had in Melbourne.  Using single origin beans from their “big brother” – Seven Seeds, Buddan delivers coffee of unparalleled quality those I drink in my entire Australia trip.

Brother Baba Buddan @ Melbourne CHAIRS Chairs Defying Gravity

Maybe I was not very familiar with the area, so took me a while before I actually spot the café.   But seriously, no signboard or logo or anything explains why it took me 5 minutes to located the exact shop even though I was in the vicinity!  Inside the café, I thought the chairs defied gravity as they were all over the ceiling.  Quite a unique design and concept.  And maybe if they are short of chairs, they can pull one down anytime.  Hey, I was just joking!

Brother Baba Buddan @ Melbourne Coffee Latte Flat White

Truly an exceptional coffee.  My flat white is decorated with a nicely crafted latte art.  The milk was smooth and velvety at the same time.  The coffee is strong and bitter, guarantee a wake-me-up for those in need of one.  I need not as I was a tourist but it was good all the same because afterall I was here in Melbourne for these awesome cafes.

Brother Baba Buddan @ Melbourne Table Leisurely Time at BBB

Brother Baba Buddan is a small petite size café that sits few people.  Needless to say, it is draws a large crowd of coffee addicts who will take away their coffee, so be prepared for a little wait.  And their popularity even made me wide-eyed as I bumped into a friend from Singapore who was also there on a holiday.  What a coincidence! Singapore is already small enough, but in Melbourne?  I guess good coffee attracts crowd!

Brother Baba Buddan @ Melbourne

Do not expect any cooked food as what they have does not go beyond small cakes and pastries.  Well, I believe one has to focus on its core competency and not be distracted with sidelines.  The staff were friendly and served with a wide smile, which really portray a level of confidence of what they would deliver.

An embarrassing thing was that I was acting like a tourist (or blogger) and was snapping pictures all over the café.  And yet, I forgot to pay for my coffee when I left.  I walked 3 blocks or about 10 minutes (even stopped to buy some souvenirs) before remembering that.  Being a honest person, I actually walked back to pay my $4.50 for the coffee.  Although I was all apologetic, but the waiter doesn’t seem bothered and even gave me a discount without me asking.  That made me love Brother Baba Buddan even more.  I urged anyone going to Melbourne not to miss this.

Brother Baba Buddan Café
359 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9606 0449
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 5pm
Sunday: 8am to 5pm

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