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Starbucks New Flavour: Chestnut Macchiato January 6, 2014

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starbucks chestnut macchiato.jpgPhoto Credit:  Starbucks

Today, I gave the Starbucks new flavour, the Chestnut Macchiato a try, with compliments from Starbucks.  There is little wonder why I never use my own picture because the cup of coffee I have was in a takeaway cup (I prefer) so it looks just like any regular coffee.  Starbucks standard mugs are not glasses like this so you can’t really tell the layers of coffee an milk.

Back to the coffee.  The chestnut macchiato uses a chestnut syrup; that’s something new; and the barista urged me to try and give them feedback.  The milk was steamed very well today and was velvety.  Starbucks is not very consistent and their milk can go above 70ºC at time; the optimal temperature for steaming milk.  Anything higher probably loses the nutrition of the milk.  There is also chestnut sweet sauce on top.   Quite frankly, it taste just like the caramel macchiato except that it taste a little “smokey” to me.  Starbucks call it “toasty”.  But because it is less sweet compared to their other caramel or toffee counterpart so this works well for me.

I will update the post with the Asian Dolce Latter.  This is a comeback latte, but I have never tried before.  I am so looking forward to my tomorrow’s cup of Starbucks latte already!

Starbucks | Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
#01-50 Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Tel: 6787 3640
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

Picture credit from Starbucks Singapore website.

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