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Bread Society @ Suntec City Mall January 5, 2014

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 photo BreadSocietySuntec.jpg
Bread Society should ring a bell to many of you, but how about Bread Society Café?  This artisanal bakery has now open an outlet at Suntec City Mall, offering an extensive range of dine-in menu, new bread and pastry creations.  I really love the décor of the outlet with the beautiful blue colour theme with marble table top and brass-trimmed shelves around the café.

 photo BreadSocietyClamChowder.jpg Clam Chowder  with Grissini ($6.90) or with Blue Cheese Toast ($7.90)

I started off with a clam chowder soup.  We can have an option of either having it with Grissini (breadsticks that are pencil thin) or blue cheese toast.  I don’t prefer the blue cheese toast as it has a sour taste I didn’t like; and it is probably psychological as I always associate blue cheese with an acquired taste.  On the other hand, the grissini is crispy and a little cheesy flavour.  I could have 10 of them!

 photo BreadSocietyKatsuSandwich.jpg Bread Society – Katsu Sandwich ($13.80)

The Katsu Sandwich has won me over with the tonkatsu pork loin and shredded cabbage sandwiched between a dark rye multi-grain toast.  This is really something well put together with the bread well toasted, the surface being crisp yet still remain soft on the inside.  It is served with a side of greens which both refreshing and makes it a more healthy option.

 photo BreadSocietyKatsuCurryRice.jpg Katsu Curry Rice ($13.80)

Other than sandwiches, they serve something more substantial like the Katsu Curry Rice.  The rich Japanese curry is served separately on a small bowl so you can decide how much curry to go on your rice.  It keeps the tonkatsu pork loin crispy and not dampened by the curry gravy as you eat.  The thick-cut grilled vegetables quite nicely grilled.  However a major grouse is the rice which I felt was a little too mushy and sticky for my liking.  Available for takeaway, the Katsu Curry Rice is only available from 12pm to 2pm, catering to the working office crowd for lunch.

 photo BreadSocietyBreakfastTheSociety.jpg The Society ($15.80)

I was very much looking forward to The Society as I am always someone who enjoys brunch and a variety of ingredients on my plate.  This dish is an assembly of a thick baked pancake glazed that comes with creamy butter and maple syrup.  As the name suggests, the pancake is actually “thick” and “baked” so it isn’t quite anything like a pancake to me.  I would reckon it a cross between a corn bread and sponge cake.  Even after soaking it with the maple syrup and douses of butter I still don’t quite prefer it.  The thick cut crispy bacon is also too salty for me and quite unlike anything like the regular bacon I prefer.  That save the pork sausage, though quite ordinary tasting to me, the redeeming point for the entire rendition of The Society.

 photo BreadSocietyDessertsinaJarAppleCrumbleandMontBlanc.jpg Desserts in a Jar ($8.50) including the jar

As part of the media tasting, we also had two desserts in a jar.  The Mont Blanc, the hazelnut meringue with chestnut and chestnut cream.  While I do quite enjoyed the hazelnut meringue which is rather chunky, but the taste has overwhelm the chestnut and chestnut cream which is what I think Mont Blanc is all about.  I can’t help but to think of the best Mont Blanc I had from Pâtisserie Glacé.

The other jar is the Apple Crumble; an apple compote pain de champagne; with cinnamon crumble.  And since I am with the Apple Crumble today, I thought I ought to let you; my dear readers; know that I never quite like apple crumble or apple pie.  I never really quite like the sourish taste of the cooked apple even though I don’t mind eating apple everyday!  It just isn’t my thing.  However, what I do enjoy is the crumbles of the apple pie or apple crumble and these crumbles are really a limelight to the dessert.  They are sweet, big and chunky just the way I like them to be.

Officially own the dessert jar and have it packed away after you finish.  To be frank, I would rather not have the takeaway jar and have a lower price point for these desserts.

 photo BreadSocietySaltedCaramelLavaChocolateCake.jpg Salted Caramel Lava Chocolate Cake ($6)

The salted caramel lava chocolate cake proves my point exactly as for $6 you get a dessert that is more worth it compared to the earlier.  It is also very pleasing to the eye just looking at this dessert.  Look at how much thought has gone into the presentation.  My picture actually misses another spoon cutlery on the left.  Salted caramel seems to be a very big hit in a lot of desserts these days, however this salted caramel really leaves much to be desired.  I hardly tasted any actually.  The chocolate lava, which I would have expected it to flow like lava wasn’t the way I would have imagined.  But for $6, this dessert is still quite a steal, isn’t it?

 photo BreadSocietyStoreFront.jpg

Bread Society is a nice addition to the Suntec City Mall and with the warm meal it serves should be able to garner more interest to its artisanal bakery business.  I would takeaway some of their bread and pastry creations for my tea break!  I have always enjoyed the freshly baked treats that are often unique, creative and crowd pleasing.  As a café on the other hand, I think they can improve on what they can offer by changing some of their menu and focus on what they actually do best – which is in baking and creating.

Bread Society | Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6338 4344 
Opening Hours:  
Monday to Thursday: 7.30am – 10pm
Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday Eve: 7.30am – 11pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: 9am – 10pm



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