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Pâtisserie Glacé @ Icon Village, Gopeng Street (Tanjong Pagar) January 1, 2014

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Patisserie Glace Icon Village

Happy New Year 2014 and here’s a sweet beginning for everyone.  I have been thinking a lot of Pâtisserie Glacé ever since my last visit to Café Flor Pâtisserie.  There are several reasons:  since last year (24 weeks ago to be exact) when my friend who bought a piece of strawberry hill cake for me, I fell in love with the light and fluffy cake.  Then I realised that my brother-in-law actually used to bake for Pâtisserie Glacé; which kinda tells me that with the right ingredients, process and equipment, it is not difficult to bake a delish cake!  Of course just like Flor, Glace is also a Japanese confectionary.  I always amazed at how these Japanese confectionary can delivery such consistently high quality cake for all to enjoy!

Patisserie Glace Mont Blanc Mont-Blanc ($5.70)

I’ll tell you this, this Mont-Blanc is the BEST Mont-Blanc I have ate this year.  Yes, I know this is easy to say for the first day of new year, but this Mont-Blanc has seriously set a very high benchmark.  You see, I have never been much of a fan of this chestnut cream which is a Japanese perennial favourite, but this Mont-Blanc really knocks me out.  The cream is so light and delicate that I licked up every bit of the cream from the fork.  The cake is also very light and fluffy just as their other cake and has a contrasting salty taste.  Did I taste that wrongly?  But it was good.  I felt I started my new year with a very good sweet note.  Hidden within the cream is also a whole Japan imported chestnut.  It is like having found a gem in the cake!

Pâtisserie Glacé  Hazel Dazzle Hazel Dazzle ($5.70)

As the name suggests, one would expect to have hazelnut dazzling in this whole cake.  It is also Jennifer’s, the person tending the shop; recommendation to me.  The chocolate sponge is soft and fluffy and the hazelnut cream is lightly flavoured and not overwhelming and I can bite into small pieces of hazelnut with every single bite.  It is also topped with Glace’s very own macaroon.   That’s really a treat!

Pâtisserie Glacé Strawberry Souffle Strawberry Souffle ($5.90)

The strawberry soufflé complement the strawberries.  My friend claimed that this is a girly cake as it is very light in taste and the presentation being very understating.  Although it’s like a plain Jane, however the cake commends accolades just the same as all other cakes I have tried.

I can’t help but to compare Pâtisserie Glacé with Flor Patisserie as they have a lot of similarities.  The only advantage for Flor is that you can actually sit down and enjoy the cake (except the Takashimaya outlet).  However if you are comparing the overall taste and price point, Glacé seems to take the final cake.

Only available for takeaway, Pâtisserie Glacé is available also at Republic Plaza and Marina Bay Link Mall.  You can find out more about their location and operating hours here. Online purchase also available for whole cakes.

Pâtisserie Glacé | Icon Village
12 Gopeng Road
#0-31/32 Icon Village
Singapore 078877
Telephone: +65 400 0277
SMS: +6583876055 (will be answered during operating hours)
Opening Hours:
Mon – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sat – Sunday & Public Holidays:  11am – 6pm

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