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What to eat at Food Junction @ Century Square December 31, 2013

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Food Junction at Century Square recently got a new facelift and is much more comfortable now with good air-conditioning and ventilation within the food court.  The entire food court looks more spacious with its new layout and looks far more brightly litted to provide for a pleasant dining experience for everyone.  As usual, there is a wide variety of international cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and even Filipino.  Most noteworthy is that they have a few good select stores for our Muslim friends as well.  This certainly bodes well especially with news that the all Halal food court operator Banquet has ceased operations in December 2013 citing rising cost as a reason.  But never mind, there are good Halal food choices as you can see in this post, you wouldn’t have thought they are Halal food!

Food Junction KoreanBi Bim Bap ($5.50)

The Bi Bim Bap is signature Korean rice dish with colourful ingredients such as shredded carrots, bean sprouts, green leafy vegetables, sliced beef, and a sunny side up egg.  It is severed with a dollop of Korean chilli sauce.  Mix, stir and enjoy!   You can have it with a hot stone version which probably will turn up the enjoyment because the one I had was pretty much cold and I would have prefer it warmer.  Despite that, I still enjoy it a lot.  Makes me want to eat a real Bibimbap in a real Korean restaurant setting. Look out for Ming Xiang Korean Food outlet when you are at the food court.

Food Junction Japanese Salmon & Terriyaki Chicken Bento ($6.80)

From Miso Japanese Food store, I got one of their bento set currently on promotion at $5.50.  One thing I noticed about the promotion in Food Junction is it seems perpetual!  Quite frankly, I am never a fan of Japanese bento at food court as I often find they are at most mediocre in standard.  Everything taste bland.  I am happy they have sesame seeds and chilli powder as condiments so I added plenty of them on my rice to make it more tasty!  You can also get a chawanmushi (egg custard) at $1.50.  That’s a 50% increase from the previous $1 add on price.

Food Junction Pepper Lunch ExpressBeef Pepper Rice ($6.50)

For some reason, I always shun away from Pepper Lunch Express, maybe because I perceive them a little bit too “atas” (means high class) to be found in a food court.  Further more if I wanted a real Pepper Lunch deal, I can get it at their restaurant.  But when I decided to place an order, I was surprised by how ordinary the price was and in fact, the other stores becomes priced-out of competition.  I think as a real franchise outlet, it should offer better quality ingredients to the customers.  Now, that is something to sizzle about.

Food Junction Farmosa Delight Dao Xiao Mian with Beef ($6.50)

From the Formosa Delights store, I ordered a Dao Xiao Mian (carved noodles) with beef.  You can either have it with beef, pork or chicken and all at the same price.  The interesting thing about this order is that you can actually see the chef slicing a big mould of flour into the boiling soup.  Soon the carved noodles will come to a boil and it is served with a delish soup and beef.  I thought the beef was well marinated however a little tough for my liking.

Food Junction Century Square Fragrant Pot Chinese Fragrant Pot

This is a new addition to the food court.  It replaces a Chinese soup store that sits at its original location previously.  Recently, the Chinese Fragrant Pot or Mala pot created quite a stir in the community.  The numbing and spicy taste caught on the local taste and are not only serving the PRC Chinese customers only anymore.  It is actually quite pricey, the one I had with few pieces of different condiments each works out to be $8.90 and that is after a 10% promotional discount.  They charge a “base” charge of $2.60 and I personally find this a rip-off and they should eliminate it to make it more affordable.  (That means after the ingredient charges which is based on weight, they charge another $2.60).

Food Junction Fish Soup Sliced Fried Fish Soup ($5.50)

The Chai’s Slice Fish Soup served a comforting series of sliced or fried slice fish soup.  With (evaporated) milk or without.  They have a generous portion of green vegetables and fried egg in the hot soupy dish.  I like the fish soup with chilli padi adding a oomph to the soup.

Century Square Food Junction Tapa KingCrispy Liempo Meal ($7)

Tapa King is a Filipino franchise that is widely popular in The Philippines.  Singapore is actually their first overseas stop.  There is little wonder that despite very low patronage, the store seems to survive quite neatly.  That is because they have a loyal following from our Pinoy friends in Singapore.  I had this deep fried pork belly which was dry and tough.  I didn’t enjoy at all.  However the rice was very fragrant and the side salad was very appetising.  The egg is also cooked upon order.

Food Junction Century Square Beef Noodles Mixed Beef with Tendons ($5.50)

Wah Eng Beef Delights has been in the Century Square food court for as long as I know.  I remember there used to be a very good beef noodles store at the basement of Scotts Shopping Centre and my other favourite is actually this one.  After some 10 over years, the taste and the freshness and tenderness of the beef ingredients remain unchanged.  It certainly is a very wonderful and delightful bowl of beef noodles.  Above pictured is the dry version with thick gluey gravy which is what I prefer.  They also have it in the beef stock soup equally tasty.  Something not to be missed if you are a beef noodle fan.

Food Junction Century Square Chicken DelightRoasted Chicken Rice ($4.50)

If you noticed a change in the colour of the plate, you’ve got it.  Halal choices for the Muslim friends are available at the Food Junction food court.  Following the closure of Banquet Muslim Food Court, a portion of the Food Junction was used to whip up Halal dishes.  Frita Chicken is one of them.  They served the Chinese Hainanese style chicken rice (only roasted).  Chicken rice being Singapore favourite lunch, or some say even dinner; there is always a perpetual long queue waiting to order.  But seriously for $4.50 for a plate of chicken rice?  Not unless I have a craving and other places are not serving chicken rice anymore!

Food Junction Century Square Yong Tau Foo Yong Tau Foo ($4.50 minimum)

One of the most healthy option is Yong Tau Foo.  Xiang Ji Yong Tau Foo is also another popular choice amongst the Chinese and Muslim friends.  In fact I think this Yong Tau Foo store is probably my most frequented store.  I reckon the reason is because I am a “variety-seeker” and picking and choosing the individual pieces of what I want to eat is very fulfilling for me.  Plus, it almost always fill up the hungry tummy very fast.  Beware:  soup is highly addictive.  Yong Tau Foo goes at 50 cents per piece with a minimum order of $4.50.  Try their laksa gravy, super good on a cold day.

Food Junction Century Square Western Chicken Cutlet ($7.00)

Western N Grill serves, well as the name suggests: western food.  They also serve pasta.  Their chicken cutlet is one of their popular dish.  The cutlet is deep fried to perfection and I simply love the super crispy chicken skin.  Sinful, but good.  Sedap!

All pictures above taken with iPhone 5S and edit with Instagram.

Food Junction | Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5
#03-12 to 20/29, Century Square Mall
Singapore 529509
Tel: 6781 3114
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am to 10pm (including Public Holidays)

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What to eat at Food Junction @ Century Square | Thoughts on Air

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