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All Things Nice Dessert Cafe @ Suntec City December 28, 2013

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Have you heard of All Things Nice at Suntec City? A latest addition to Suntec City Mall, this dainty dessert café serves all things sweet. All Things N’ice is a speciality café that serves thoughtfully crafted menu of both hot and cold Asian desserts and many are really mouth-watering just the thought of it. Located beside the BreadTalk Café, All Things N’ice is also the latest concept store by the BreadTalk Group, expanding their brands to nine different concepts to meet your everyday needs to satisfy your tummy or cravings!

All Things Nice Interior Shot.jpgShop Front of All Things N’ice

The store is quite lovely given its garden-like deco, modelled after an indoor garden.  The café showcase the garden theme through the use of furniture and tiles in natural finishes of green, khaki and brown and quirky displays of flora, fruits and natural ingredients used in its products.  This lends a unique personality to the café.

All Things Nice Yam in a Husk Yam in a Husk $4.20

One of my favourite Asian dessert is yam paste with coconut milk, a dessert I often look forward to if I’m at a Teochew restaurant or when peeking at the wedding dinner menu.  All Things Nice put the traditional dessert in a coconut husk and steamed it before serving, both to enhance its presentation and to add more aroma to the taste.  I enjoyed this Yam in a Husk very much as there I like the slightly grainy texture of the yam which blends very well with a rich coconut taste.  This Asian delicacy is also topped with some sweetened ginko nuts.

All Things Nice Signature ChendolSignature Chendol $3.20

The Chendol is probably one of my most frequently ordered dessert.  The main reason is I love the taste of Gula Melaka, a palm sugar alternative used very much in nonya cooking ingredients.   Another reason is also because I love the fragrant coconut milk used.  The chendol here drizzle with a generous portion of gula Melaka syrup.  Other than the common ingredients, they have several silvers of jackfruit to lift the taste of this chendol.

All Things Nice Signature Cheng TngSignature (Hot/Cold) Cheng Tng $2.80

Cheng Tng is the most thirst quenching dessert you can find in any Asian dessert store, and probably the most refreshing.  For just $2.80, you get this longan-flavoured soup with more than 10 ingredients such as longan (specially imported from Taiwan), dried persimmon, candied winter melon, red dates, ginko nuts.  To add some chewiness to the dessert, white sago and taro (yam) and sweet potatoes balls are added to the Cheng Tng.  There is so much going on in this Cheng Tng more than the ingredients my mother used to cook her version, though admittedly I still love my mum’s rendition.  I wish she add dried persimmon and candied winter melon – these two steals my heart if they are present in my cheng tng.

All Things Nice Taro Balls with Red BeansTaro Balls with Red Beans $3.50

Hands up if you are a fan of taro balls and you probably will enjoy this dessert if you are.  Accompanied with grass jelly and red beans, these chewy yam balls are sure to delight with a slight honeyed taste to boot!

All Things Nice All Things MangoAll Things Mango $4.20

By the time we tried “All Things Mango”, we were on sugar high already!  Risking a sugar coma, we persevere with his tempting mango dessert which is dressed rather Christmassy.   All Things Mango comprised of shaved ice, fresh mango cubes, pure mango puree, red and green beans, jelly cubes and attap chee; which is a palm fruit.  Some pomelo was also added to give it some bitter-sweet contrast.  With so much ingredients going on, we laughed and said the name of this dessert “All Things Mango” is such a misnomer!

Verdict:  At first glance, you may find the dessert a little pricey compared to a food court, afterall it is common Asian dessert that is available almost everywhere.  However, with the premium ingredients they used that are specially sourced and imported, and many other ingredients handmade from scratch (such as the yam paste, soya bean curd, etc) it is actually quite worth the value.  The uncompromising quality of ingredients used and care used to prepare the desserts you get to savour is nothing short of what you will get in a fine restaurant or hotel setting.  Instead now it is brought to a convenient location that is casual and convenient.

Expect more outlets opening islandwide in 2014.  Stay tune to find out!

All Things N’ice| Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-165/166 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Telephone: +65 63364434
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm (Monday to Sunday, including Public Holidays)

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1. benny - September 24, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam:

ALL THINGS NICE…shop at the basement near the food court.

I had dessert on Tuesday 22 July 2014 at 9pm. The dessert was beautifully prepared and delicious. Thereafter I left without knowing that my wallet containing huge amount of cash, two cash cards, many credit cards, driving license, identity card etc had fallen off from my pocket, only realized when I was about to pay at the cashier’ counter at Giant supermarket.

I returned to All Things Nice and saw the girl whose name I forgotten to asked told the Night Manager (a lady) that the wallet belong to me; which she handed over to me. Nothing was missing.

It is such nice, wonderful and cheerful trustworthy people that make All Things Nice nicer.

If the management can identify that girl whom found my wallet, kindly send my warmest regards to her. Thank you most kindly and also great to have such staff in your organisation.

My check number is 62445 dated 22 July 2014 21.01

Benny Ng

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All Things Nice Dessert Cafe @ Suntec City | Thoughts on Air

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