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Cafe Flor Patisserie @ Siglap December 23, 2013

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 Flor Patisserie @ Siglap

Flor Patisserie first opens at Duxton Hill and now flourishes into three other outlets:  one in Siglap and at Funan Digital Mall plus another one at Takashimaya.  I love the new café of Flor which locates at Siglap, minutes drive from where I stay and the best part is due to the relative seclusion of the location, it is quiet most of the time.  I had wanted to have this as my “best kept secret” but reckon I shan’t be self-fish and share the best with my loyal blog readers.

Nice Deco at Flor Patisserie Siglap Nice Deco

Instant love as I stepped into the café.  Nice blue colour which is a signature colour for Flor.  Love the dainty display against the splash of blue backdrop.  My favourite colour is blue because it represents the colour of clear sky and deep sea.  Do you know that Vincent van Gogh painting in 1888 “Starry Night Over the Rhone” uses blue to create the mood or atmosphere.  Cobalt blue, a pigment cobalt oxide-aluminium oxide was the favourite for Vincent and he was quoted  “there is nothing so beautiful for putting atmosphere around things”.  Indeed, blue is such a colour, beautiful, calming and relaxing all at the same time.

 photo 27f5e175f5c3418ed1ee078679fe2adc.jpgEarl Grey $6.95

One of my favourite tea is actually Earl Grey.  I think I beat many people to love the distinctive flavour from bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit, long since when people are still drinking the English Breakfast Tea.  (Thanks to my short working stint at Dome Café).  This Earl Grey cake has the creamed pipe onto Swiss roll of chocolate meringue and my favourite fruit – banana!

 photo 46fab2f256b711b3eae5850a3899a0e9.jpgBerry Berries $6.05

Light and fluffy is the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of the Berry Berries cake.  This is the signature of Flor sponge cake, also a tradition of Japanese confectionary.  Note that no baking soda or chemical raising agent is used to bake the cakes at Flor.  The sponge cake is filled with strawberries and topped with berries.  It is a cake that I can keep digging on without feeling guilty because it is so light and very mildly sweet.

 photo c390c2a7b3e468a47e00a37832365382.jpgWakakusayama $7.30

The matcha flavoured Wakakusayama is a hit for those who love matcha and Japanese red beans Azuki. Named after a famous and tall mountain in NARA, the honey infused green tea Swiss roll is filled with Flor uniquely owned red bean cream.

 photo 2253763f53a33aca22921de089486643.jpgWaguri Millefeuille $7.30

This Waguri Millefeuille is a sandwich of crispy puff pastry topped with the delicious French chestnut cream.  No idea since when chestnut cream comes very much into the picture of confectionery.  I love how the millefuille is presented on strands of the cream and topped with sweetened Japanese chestnut on top.

 photo ae166c30b6abdefa66663a726c10620c.jpgNapoleon $6.95

Napoleon is easily one of my favourite for its Chef’s signature pastry at the bottom and strawberry on top.  It has a good balance of the light and fluffy sponge cake and cream.  This inviting piece can perk me up any time even in my dullest moments.

 photo f317a7111da266ae0eddd3be29b608fb.jpgCacao Royal $6.60

Cacao Royal is one of their signature cake which is layering of chocolate sponge cake with velvety chocolate ganache.  Each time I see this irresistible chocolate cake must be because of the chocolate and fresh fruits.

 photo d4988f77320d1080b2782dc30344b2c0.jpg Tea Set

Flor Café uses Clipper tea.  If you don’t already know about Clipper Tea, they are 6th biggest tea maker in the UK although having a short history since 1984 only!  In 1994, they are the first tea company in UK to earn the Fairtrade mark for tea.  2 years later, they go nationwide distributing their tea in supermarkets.  Today, we are privileged to drink this great tasting tea – not just that it is “fairtrade”.

 photo 8f11710daca0b5daaa14292f746bfa82.jpg

My faithful readers should know my love for large bench or table.  They have just one at Café Flor Pastosserie!  Tucked at a cosy and away from the glare of the heat and rays near its windows.  Perfect spot for being away from the main section and great for families or larger group of friends.  Make merry at this table!

 photo 61a4499ddc46bd5e968e6f70989d8044.jpg

Unlike the café at Duxton Hill,  the one at Siglap has plenty of seats.  My major grouse is that they do not have comfy sofa seats, and all of them are chairs.  Nonetheless it is still a great place to chill out because the whole café gave me a very soothing feel.  It has been some time since I went, maybe I should be visiting it again soon… hope the place remains its serenity after my best kept secret is out.

Cafe Flor Patisserie
42 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456 167
Phone: +65 6243 0813
Fax: +65 6243 0613
Opening hours:
Tue to Thur: 11.30am to 8.30pm
Fri to Sunday:  11.30am to 10pm
Closed on Monday

Cafe closes 30 mins before closing time

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