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Chili’s Grill & Bar @ The Central (Clarke Quay) December 17, 2013

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After my last visit to Chili’s at Tanglin Mall, which was, shall I say, really memorable?  So I decided to visit another outlet to experience for myself if the service might be homogeneous throughout their different outlet.  After some heavy shopping for Christmas, I have decided to give myself a treat and head to Chili’s at Clarke Quay!

Chili's Clarke Quay Soup of the Day $5

I had the soup of the day.  You can either have it in a cup or on a bowl.  Cup at $5 ($4 if you have it with an entrée) and Bowl is at $9.  Although I ordered a cup but I kind get a bowl, but half the size.  (Or is that considered a cup?).  Anyway, was quite delighted that it came with the chips.  I love it!

Chili's Clarke Quay Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth BurgerSouthern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger ($26)

After missing it Big Mouth Burger for a while, I have decided on this huge burger order.  There is no way I can fit that burger in my mouth so I had to disassembly it and reconstruct on my own to eat it  I like the extra thick cut bacon which is chilli rubbed with brown sugar.  Other than the crispy taste, the sugar and chilli taste like a rather unique combination.    I thought it may be better if they could use with more mayonnaise as the beef patty is rather dry.  The shredded lettuce also keeps falling off, something which always happens when I eat the Big Mac or McChicken!

Actually the food at Chili’s really bordering at average.  But its quite interesting how their service is.  I felt that as I stepped into the restaurant, the service staff was really warm and courteous and was smiling.  They left myself to browse the menu slowly before taking my order, which was nice.  But 2 things went wrong.

After I finished my soup, the service staff asked “is there anything else I can get for you?”.  I couldn’t quite understand what he means and just in case I missed something I asked him to repeat.  When I said I am fine, he cleared my bowl and took away the cutleries.  So when my burger came, I was without the cutleries.  And best part is just as I told the person I don’t have the cutleries, he came with the bill.  I guess he must have thought I concluded the meal with just a soup.

The second part could be a confusion.  The final bill that came was $32.10 so I used $30 vouchers I had to pay and gave a $50 note to foot the $2.10 (I had no small change).  When the service staff returned with the final bill, I saw they offset the whole amount $30 without charging the GST.  But my $50 note was not with the check.  So when I asked for my change, she look bewildered.  Only after explaining that I had given the $50 for the $2.10 then she asked the guy who passed me the bill for that $50.  I was wondering if he might have thought I left that as a tip?

Oh, have I mentioned before that Chili’s does not charge any service charge on its bill?  I think it may be fair for patrons to actually leave some tip in case it is what the service staff come to expect of it.  However, we really do not have a tipping culture in Singapore.  I don’t think it is expressedly stated in their menu as well.  I hope the staff are not short-changed as a result of the restaurant policy.  On the same note, I also thought it might be better for their to improve on their service delivery as well.  Two strange incidents on two separate visit can be a little hard for me to chew on.

I would be happy to go to Chili’s again to see if I might encounter anything interesting again!  Do check back the blog for more!

Chili’s Grill & Bar | Central @ Clarke Quay
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#01-18 The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6225 1687
Opening hours:
Sunday to Tuesday: 11.30am to 10pm
Wednesday to Thursday:  11.30am to 11pm
Friday to Saturday: 11.30am to 12am

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