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McDonald’s Relaunch Kampung Burger. Relive the Kampung Spirit December 12, 2013

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McDonald’s Singapore relaunched the Kampung Burger few days ago and I finally get to have a bite of it this evening and I can’t wait to blog about it and share with you how it goes.  The Kampung Burger seems to be back with vengeance with a lot of TV ads placed at regular interval.  So, is the burger really such a big deal?

McDonald Kampung Burger

Probably the most special burger, the Kampung Burger uses the breakfast muffins instead of a regular bun.  I have always been a BIG fan of McDonald’s muffins so this is a major draw for me.  The muffins are lightly toasted and have the usual nice chewy texture.  Having a piece of fruit in the burger is also rather unusual in McDonald’s and the Kampung Burger has a slice of ringed pineapple as one of the condiments adding a tropical taste and extra juiciness to the burger.  Other than the cheddar cheese and fresh whole leaf lettuce, the Kampung Burger also has a tangy and tasty salsa sauce that is really refreshing.  This makes Kampung Burger a very unique (save for the McSpicy chicken patty) burger that McDonald’s Singapore have in a long time.  With the pineapple and fresh lettuce leaf going on, I am quite surprised that the burger is not dripping wet.  In fact as I hold and pressed the monster size burger together, everything seems to hold together, better and tidier than eating a Big Mac actually!

McDonald Kampung Burger Kampung Burger Meal $7.50

A little upsetting is that they did not launch any special shaker fries together with the Kampung Burger.  So if you order a Kampung Burger set, it comes with a regular French fries.  I always have a special order for the French fries to be unsalted because 80% of the time the French fries is very salty.  The set meal comes with a Tropical Mango McFizz.  While I do like the flavour for the drink, but this McFizz can really cause diabetes because it is very very sweet.  Can you imagine adding sugary syrup to your regular soda drink?  That’s McFizz for you.

McPepper Burger (disguised as Prosperity Burger) and the gingerly tasting Samurai Burger seems to be quite a regular feature in McDonald’s.  I hope they made a comeback for my other favourites such as Kiasu Burger and Love Burger.

Kampung Burger is available at all McDonald’s outlet islandwide.  Prices may differ in different stores.

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