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[Christmas Feature] Cold Storage Christmas Delights December 7, 2013

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In a blink, the year of 2014 is approaching the end. December is usually a busy time for everyone, with many departmental stores rolling out enticing year end sales and many Christmas shopping to do.  But as Christmas approaches, are you racking your brains how to organise and get your party together?  Fret not, Cold Storage may just have the solution for you with their Christmas treats, read-to-cook roast meat, gourmet hams, log cakes, deli and seafood platters – a little something for everyone.

 photo ColdStorageDinnerDealSumptuous_1.jpg

I feel privileged to be invited to Cold Storage Christmas Preview party and experience for myself the solution Cold Storage can have for you.  For those who love online shopping, orders can be placed online at www.coldstorage.com.sg otherwise you can also pace order at the outlets island wide.  Just take note that four advance working days are required to prepare and get your party together.

 photo PB202186.jpgCranberry Baked Bone-In Ham, 4kg ($89.99)

 photo PB202188.jpgFig Glazed Bone In Ham, 4kg ($89.99)

What is Christmas without a leg of ham?  Cold Storage have a great variety of whole leg ham for you to choose from.  They also have some of the my personal favourite such as Champagne Ham, 1.2kg ($38.99) and Black Forest Ham Fillet, 2.5kg ($59.99).

EARLY BIRD GIFT: For a limited period, enjoy 9 pieces of macarons (9 pcs) with every purchase of bone-in ham while stock lasts.

 photo PB202223.jpgCrustacean Seafood Platter , 1.2kg($49.99)

With so much meat going on during Christmas, it may be a good idea to have some ocean treats for your guests.  Have some fresh seafood such as scallop, mussels and prawns together with your festive feast.  The fresh seafood comes with specially created chef sauce enhancing the flavour and taste of this enjoyable treat.

 photo PB202192.jpgHoney Baked Ham in Pastry Roll, 1.5kg ($59.99)

One of the item which I also took fancy is this honey baked ham in pastry roll.  As some of these smoked items can be a little salty when consumed in large festive during these period, therefore the pastry actually break some of these saltiness.  I also like how lovely it looks with the star shapes adding some fun and festive feel to the atmosphere at the party.

 photo PB202197.jpgWestern Style Wraps Platter ($29.99)

 photo PB202199.jpgAsian Wraps Platter ($29.99)

For some real food, you may consider some bite size wraps.  These wrap platters are good to serve 8-10 people with 20 wraps per platter.  Cold storage offers to you two different choices:  either the western style wraps or Asian wraps.  The western wraps consists of Caesar, Duck & Dried Fruit and Mediterranean Turkey.  For the Asian wraps, there are Thai Chicken, Teriyaki Beef, Tandoori chicken and Oriental Tuna.  My personal favourite is the Duck & Dried Fruit wrap, but generally I would prefer to order the Asian Wraps because their flavours are more unique.

 photo PB202221.jpg
Bento in Japanese Container, 1.5kg ($49.99)

For those who love Japanese food, be delighted as there are also Japanese choices for you.  The Bento in Japanese Container is a new addition this year.  At only $49.99, you get to have a 1.5kg worth of Bento that is good to serve 8-10 people.  Just looking at the Bento makes me drool already.

 photo PB202205.jpgSakura Sushi Platter ($38.99)

However, if you prefer to have Sushi, consider the Sakura Sushi Platter with 30 pieces of sushi that is good to serve 8-10 person.  This is also a new addition to the festive menu that is sure to win the delight of your Christmas guests.

Click on to view more interesting treats for Christmas…..

 photo PB202158.jpgFox’s Christmas Pudding, 454g

 photo PB202173.jpgWalkers Luxury Rich Fruit Cake, 400g ($9.95)

I am actually a fan of fruit cake so tis the season to be jolly!  I think the reason is because of the rich taste and brandied fruits.  I sampled Walker’s fruit cake and it was very good.  My BFF’s mother who was also an invited guest liked the fruit cake too and had a second helping!  Only thing I wish was for it to be more moist.  But I reckon that’s as best as it could be for a packaged fruit cake.

 photo PB202178.jpgWarheads Super Sour Candy Canes 12 counts ($5.95)

I love Candy Canes especially colourful ones as pictured above.  They definitely reminds me of Christmas during my childhood day as it is sort of a mandatory candy items in those takeaway goodies bags my friends would give away after attending parties at their home.  Quite frankly though I usually don’t finish one whole candy cane (gets very sticky towards the end).  So I prefer those that are thick and short.  Thick because they don’t break so easily.

 photo PB202174.jpgNestle Quality Street Tins, 820g ($19.95) | Maynrds Trio Tub, 750g ($19.95) | Bassets Trio Tub, 750g ($19.95)

If you have a party with kids as your guests, these candy treats are a must.  I must vote my all-time-favourite as Nestle Quality Street.  The tin is filled with all the goodness a candy can give, and years on years, it is something that will make me beam with happiness when I lay my hands on them.

 photo PB202169.jpgGrandma Wild’s Sheep Tin Biscuit, 300g ($15.95)

My love for lovely biscuit tins goes way back and many times I actually will buy just because the box looks lovely.  What do you do with these tin boxes when you finish the cookies?  If you throw them out, maybe I suggest you would like to send them to me.  I use these tin boxes to keep all kind of trinkets I have.  Don’t you love the Grandma Wild’s Sheep Tin Biscuit?  I don’t mind them for Christmas!

 photo PB202167.jpgCoca Cola Glass Bottle Pack, 6x250ml ($8.95)

Party with style by having Coca-Cola in an old fashion way.  Comes in a retro looking carton of 6, these glass bottles pack will sure be a talking point of your guests.

All orders can be placed online at www.coldstorage.com.sg or placed an orders at any of the outlets.  Advance order of FOUR working days (excluding day of order) is required.  Do note the last day of order is on 20 December.

 photo PB202165.jpg

Have a Merry Christmas with hassle free shopping at Cold Storage!

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1. Haunt - December 11, 2013

Hey, may i know where to find those candy canes in ur picture? the exact location. Thanks

gurkhason - December 11, 2013

Hi Haunt, I found them at Cold Storage at Plaza Singapura.
Address: 68 Orchard Road B2-15/16 Plaza Singapura S(238839). Have fun shopping, and Merry X’mas!

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