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[Christmas Feature] Prima Deli Log Cake December 5, 2013

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Prima Deli Xmas Log Cake Instagram

It’s the time of the year to let loose and party!  This time of the year, I usually will attend numerous parties and I am glad to report that the very first log cake I had was Chocolate Truffle Log Cake from Prima Deli.

Prima Deli Christmas Log CakeTruffle Log Cake ($36.90)

The chocolate log cake is filled with truffle cream coated with a glossy layer of chocolate.  It has fresh raspberries and roasted almond flakes on its side to make an interesting log cake.  Ever wonder why people eat a log cake during Christmas?  Well, this probably has to do with ancient time from Yule when they celebrate the winter solstice.  What happens is they will haul the largest tree they can find and burn it for warmth.  Usually the fire will last through the celebration for 12 days!  But chances are log cakes are gobbled down in matters of minutes.

PrimaDeli Salted Caramel Log CakeSalted Caramel Log Cake ($36.90)

PrimaDeli launched a new flavour of log cake: Salted Caramel.  This year, salted caramel seems to be all the rage with all range of products carrying this flavour:  ice-cream, coffee, and salted caramel crabs!  (Would you fancy that?).  I love the snow laden log cake with plenty of fresh cream.  PrimaDeli log cakes are so well designed because instead of having cream at the side of the log cake, they have a piece of chocolate instead.  That way, you don’t have to worry about the side being dried up due to refrigeration.

PrimaDeli Santa's CottageSanta’s Cottage ($59.90)

If you prefer something more fancy, how about a Santa’s Cottage?  This cake approximate 1.2kg and lies on a bed of fresh cream which resembles snow! The cake is decorated with Santa’s trusty reindeer and snowman buddy, this will definitely be a hit with young kids.

PrimaDeli Chef's Supreme PieChef’s Supreme Pie ($11.90)

Treat yourself to some savoury treat – PrimaDeli Chef’s Supreme Pie.  It has a nice peppery taste that is classic from their chicken pies.  My friends and I love the taste and textures of the ingredients that goes into the pie.

The Prima Deli Christmas Collections 2013 is available from now till 25 December.  Advance order of at least 4 days is required.  Enjoy early bird special from now till 12 December with 25% off Log Cakes (1 kg and above) & Santa Cottage.  From 13 Dec to 25 Dec, enjoy a 10% off any standard size log cakes and purchases.


Hotline: 6276-3333 (for general and corporate enquiries)

A list of their outlets are available on PrimaDeli website.

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