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The Chop House @ Vivocity December 3, 2013

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While I was looking at my collection of food pictures and thinking where I should  start, I was almost drooling at the pictures of The Chop House.  Even though I probably dined there almost more than 2 months ago, but the experience was still so vivid and fresh.  So here is my fresh presentation.

The Chop House Mussel SoupMussel Soup ($10)

I thought of this mussel soup on cold and rainy day several times already.  The soup is so comforting and having this will just warm your stomach suitably so that you can prepare for the feast to come.  I loved how the soup is bursting with seafood freshness from the mussels.

The Chop House Sweet Potatoes FriesSweet Potatoes Fries ($6)

The French Fries age is O-V-E-R!  Seriously, these days other sort of fries; such as these sweet potatoes fries are the most fashionable thing to have on the table.  These fries are to die and I have to resist my hands from trying to keep reaching it.  And as all sinful food goes, these potatoes fries just seems to be like bottomless pit because no matter how much you consume them, they just don’t finish.  [Screams value for money!!]

The Chop House QuesadillasChicken Quesadillas ($15)

We also have Quesadillas as a starter.  You can have a choice between the chicken or beef.  The serve as perfect nibbles before your main dish arrive.  They are served with sour cream, homemade salsa and guacamole.  The tortilla shells are grilled to a perfect crisp with melted Jack cheddar with the minced meat.

The Chop House Pork BurgerThe Chop House Pork Burger ($22)

I noticed lately that I have been enjoying many good burgers.  However a pork burger is a rare find.  So I was truly rejoicing when I saw the Pork Burger in the menu.  You get a thick minced pork patty flavoured with ginger, chilli and coriander that is so succulent and juicy, accompanied with applewood smoked bacon and pickles.  Do yourself a favour and order this when you come to The Chop House, it will be an order you won’t regret.

The Chop House Bershire Pork ChopBerkshire Pork Chop ($32)

Next up is the Berkshire Pork Chop and please don’t be fast to judge and do not be fooled by the picture which is a grave injustice to this delightful dish. [My bad] The pork is so tender that it can melt in your mouth, just like a good piece of char siew is.  The grilled pork chop is glazed with a Mongolian hoisin and black bean chilli sauce that has a very exquisite sweetness.  Although a little pricey, however it is worth to have such a perfect pork chop in a casual dining place that you would otherwise have to get in really top restaurants at even heftier price.

The Chop House Beef Shank LollipopBeef Shank Lollipop ($140)

When we were presented with the beef shank lollipop, all the guests nearly fall off the chair.  It is no joking matter that the restaurant might just as well serve the dish in a wok.  What’s goes on in there is a 4-kg beef shank that is enough to feed a family of 8 to 10.  (Although in the menu it says from 4 – 6 pax).  There is also very generous portion of asparagus spears, cherry tomatoes and tater tots.

The Chop House Beef Shank Lollipop Close

Advance booking is preferred for this order because they come in “limited quantities”, particularly during the weekends where the restaurant tends to have bigger families crowd.  This fall-off-the-bone braised meaty shank is so tender that you with a gentle pull of the fork, the meat will come apart.

The Chop House Apple Strudel in Tortilla with Vanilla Ice CreamApple Strudel in Tortilla with Vanilla Ice Cream ($11)

We ended the meal with an apple strudel in a tortilla wrap.  This is quite a special dessert as I never had apple strudel in tortilla before.  Who has?  The dessert would have been more perfect if the apple were cooked to a tender finish but everyone has their preference.

The Chop House is a nice addition to Vivocity as it offers a good western options with a bit of flair and fun.  It also boasts a self tap beer, a first in Singapore where you can tap with a card and fill your mug with as much beer as you want.  You just pay for what you tap for later.  This is an interesting concept and add a little fun element to the entire dining experience.

Thank you Veron from Sixth Sense and The Chop House for hosting this blogger tasting.

The Chop House | Vivocity
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-161/162 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Contact Number:6376 9262
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 12am (including eve of public holidays)
Sunday & Public Holidays: 11am to 11pm

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