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Travel: Australia Special Edition December 1, 2013

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I really missed blogging for a long time.  It has been a crazy two months while I was away.  First was my annual In-Camp Training (aka Reservist), followed by my Australia trip which lasted more than 2 week (which I will provide some highlight in this post).  Following my Australia trip, it was a whirlwind of work and a two weeks of training at work.  Then I went to a beautiful beach resort in Batam (that shall be another post) for another short vacation.  By the time I was ready for some serious blogging, my PC protested my absence and decided to fail on me.  So just over the weekend, I rushed to Sitex 2013 and bought myself a new laptop. So yay, I am finally blogging again!

First, I would share some interesting highlights of my trip to Australia.  It is amazing and I love the country so much that I feel like migrating there.  Anyway, here are some nice and cool pictures of the recent trip and if you enjoy, do bookmark my site and come back for more!


Succulent Chicken at Brisbane Summit Restaurant

First thing first in the food blog.  My very first meal after touching down at Brisbane was at the Summit Restaurant, at the Summit of Mount Coot-tha.  It offers the Brisbane lookout point which is a breathtaking view of the Brisbane city.  I am happy to report that the Summit Restaurant not only has a great view, it serves really good food.  No wonders it has won many accolades under its sleeves.  Check back my blog for a full review!


Window View of Hotel at Gold CoastView from Hotel

Australia is a beautiful country, with a lot of great scenery and trees.  Actually one thing that really caught my attention is the birds being so close to humans.  The sun in Australia is unsually scorching hot.  One can easily get sun burn just staying outside the building.  Nevertheless, I love how the sky is always so blue.

 Gold Coast Sun Rise Surfers Paradise

Sunrise at Surfer’s Paradise

I have been to quite a number of beaches, but the waves at Surfer’s Paradise really shook me up.  I always feel intimidated by the strong waves and current of the sea.  The long stretch of beach is mesmerising and was really happy because this is the first time that I actually went to a beach in an “ang moh” country!


Koala AustraliaKoala at Zoo

Koala sleeps probably 80% of the time and they look so cute and cuddly just like a baby.  The reason why their energy is so low because they chew on the eucalyptus leaves which are low in protein.

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House

I can’t helped but think a lot about the Singapore’s Esplanade when I saw the Sydney Opera House.  Australia beaches are know for Shark Attacks.  Doesn’t the structure looks like the fins from Sharks?  I have more interesting stories to tell about the Sydney Opera House!


Coffee Culture at MelbourneHave a Cuppa!

Melbourne is one of the cities with a rich coffee culture.  It is easy to get to a nice café and have a cup of good coffee.  Most of them are serious about making a good cup of coffee, and upkeeping the high standards of the coffee culture in Melbourne.

The Twelve ApostlesThe Twelve Apostles

One of the highlight of the Melbourne trip is going on The Great Ocean Drive.  The picture above which shows the famous Twelve apostles which is one of the key attraction of the Great Ocean Drive.

For my two weeks trip, I have 18GB of photos taken so the above is just a teaser post of what is to come.  Do check back my blog on the Australia Travel Edition 2013.  I hope I am able to provide my readers with some insights of The Great Down Under and some interesting facts about Australia that I only got to know through the trip.

I am also on Instagram and Twitter.  Join me on my journey of discovery: travel adventures, culinary delights and all things fun in Singapore and Abroad.  There is never a dull moment!

See you soon!



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