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Raffles Hotel Snowskin Champagne Truffle & Ganache September 14, 2013

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Raffles Hotel Snowskin Mooncakes Champagne Truffle Champagne Truffle & Ganache 冰皮香槟巧克力月饼

Each year Raffles Hotel will uphold the tradition by producing its Raffles Class mooncakes, by Raffles Class I mean the most delectable and best in class.  The most ravenous being the Champagne Truffle & Ganache which I think needs no further introductions.  This ivory-white treat is engulfed by a lip-smacking snow skin with a creamy lotus paste

Raffles Hotel Mooncakes

Raffles Hotel Snowskin The Snow-Skin Kaffir Lime Mooncake 冰皮青柠月饼 & The Snow-Skin Rum and Golden Raisin Mooncake 冰皮醉酒葡萄月饼

This year Raffles adds two new flavours to its snowskin collections: The kaffir lime as well as the rum and golden raisin flavours.  The Kaffir Lime has a tantalising tropical fruit flavour that is works superbly with the white lotus paste.  The Rum and Golden Raisin has a luxuriously smooth white chocolate and a rum soaked raisin.  These two new creation will certainly be as ravenous as the champagne truffle snowskin collection.

Raffles Hotel Mooncakes Tin Box

The Raffles Hotel mooncakes comes in a tin box which is what I would love to keep!  This retro looking tangerine color box with the Raffles Hotel facade will be such a classic today, don’t need to wait for another 25 years!

For more information and enquiries please contact +65 6412 1122 or email: raffleshotel.mooncake@raffles.com



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