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KL Edition: Favola Italian Restaurant @ Le Meridien Hotel Kuala Lumpur September 5, 2013

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Favola Wall Display

Favola is located on the 8th floor of Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.  As we walk along the walkway towards the gym and the swimming pool, my friend and I sneaked a peep into Favola and feel how  grand the place is with its neat and posh setting.   Particularly, you can see the wall display which I guess will be a trademark of the place.  Actually the wall display makes me think of Venice more than Italy.

Favola Seating Area

The place is decorated with nice photographs and painting to add ambience to the place.  I thought it is very appropriate and tasteful.  I like the warm and comfy choice of red colour as the theme of the restaurant.

Favola Seat Overview

When you step into the restaurant, you will feel that you are being transported to another world.  The arch and pillar design within the restaurant is very characteristics of European style architecture departs from the more modern and chic theme of the hotel.  I have seen many restaurant reviews of my BFF honeymoon trip to Paris and was envious she can dine is such nice restaurants.  If you click on her post and compare with mine, doesn’t it look like one of those she went to.  I am pleased to be dining at Favola.

Favola BreadBread and Bread Sticks

Love the bread and thin bread sticks with superb dips.  We nearly polish off all the bread which was served warm.

Favola AntipastaAntipasti from the Crudo Bar

My friend had the Antipasti which is selected and prepared by the chef.  This appetizer has a side of mesculin green, salmon bruschetta and tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil and cheese.

Favola Poached ScrampiPoached Scampi

I had the smoked salmon with shrimps, apple and avocado atop.  Both my friend and I thought the portion was very generous because there were so many slices of the salmon.  I like the crunchy green apples which is very appetising, and together with the shrimps balance away any saltiness from the smoked salmon.

Favola Roasted Chicken BreastRoasted Chicken Breast

My friend was instantly delighted when his main was served.  He commented that the chicken breast is very succulent and tasty unlike his initial apprehension that it might be tough!  Of course not, I said!  We are dining in a fine Italian restaurant!  It was served with a very generous portion of fagiolo bean stew and grilled leek.  I thought the dish was rather interesting because I always thought of beans as a “poor man’s meat”.  I thought of that is because beans can contain as much protein as the meat does, and when the poor couldn’t afford meat, these beans are a cheap alternative for them to get the nutritious and healthy diet which is required.

Favola Gnocchi Alla Melanzane ParmigianoGnocchi Alla Melanzane Parmigiano

This is probably the very first time that I have Gnocchi as main.  Again, this is a very generous portion.  I love how the starchy gnocchi actually melts away in my mouth.  Because it is made of probably potatoes and flour, therefore it makes for a substantial meal.  I like how much the mozzarella cheese goes on top of the gnocchi.  It also have my favourite eggplant with plenty of minced and minted tomato salsa which helps counter the full carbo taste.

Favola Crostata Con Ananas Warm Pineapple PieCrostata Con Ananas

Dessert time!  Something which I look forward to because I am having a special warm pineapple pie with straciatella ice-cream and spiced caramel sauce.  In case you are wondering what Straciatella is – well, it is actually an italian word used as an adjective for italian food.  The pineapple pie is served warm and rather timid in taste.  Thankfully for that because I wasn’t exactly expecting a “pineapple tart” kind of dessert to be served on such a fine restaurant.  And the ice-cream was marvellous.

Favola Casatta Triple Tiered Ice CreamCasatta

Casatta is a Neapolitan ice-cream with candied dried fruits or nuts.  This tiered ice-cream is one of Favola famous ice-cream cake!  I was very jealous when it was served as it was such a HUGE piece and has many berries drizzled on the ice-cream cake.  There are three flavours: vanilla, pistachio and strawberry.   I personally like the strawberry ice-cream the most.

Favola Cosy Corner

I would vote this particular seat at the other end of the restaurant from the entrance as my favourite.  It has a large window beside it and a nice and chic chandelier lamp on top.  The entire setting looks very cosy and comforting.  Great for a small group gathering.

Favola Sitting Area

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Favola.  As mentioned in my earlier post on Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, I mentioned how Le Meridien has so much to offer and Favola Italian Restaurant is just one of them.  You don’t really have to get away anywhere to enjoy a great food and ambience.

I am looking forward to visit PRIME, the fine dining steakhouse in my next visit.  I am not surprised they won the accolade of Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur by Time Out KL Magazine!

Favola Italian Restaurant
2 Jalan Stesen Sentral
Level 8
Le Meridien Hotel
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Tel: +60 03 2263 7434



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