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Roadhouse @ Dempsey August 22, 2013

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Roadhouse Window

A roadhouse is a local restaurant that is located  along the highway or roads in rural areas where cars can stopover for a meal or some drinks over the bar.  We have our own roadhouse here in Singapore, located at Dempsey Hill, and they served some really mean steak burgers.  I was lack of idea where to bring my friend to buy him a birthday meal so I let him have a choice of where he like to go and he choose to have burger!  Nice to have a friend who cares about your wallet yah?

Roadhouse Interior

Roadhouse is a small deli that is located at the corner of row of houses in Dempsey.   It is fortunate henceforth, that they have a large window along the side of the deli.  I was there for dinner just before it turns dark, and would have like how it look like in the day especially looking out to the lush greeneries outside.  I hasn’t been to Dempsey for quite a while and going back there is like finding your long lost treasures.  I will be sure to visit it again very soon.

Roadhouse InteriorI love the big painting that looks like a mural that runs across the length of the diner.  I thought that is Marilyn Monroe peering down at the guests, I may be wrong but I conjure that because of its sexy look.  Makes the place to be really interesting.

Roadhouse Window SeatI would love to have a seat that is beside its big glass window.  During the day you can actually see the happenings outside.  Do you know that by looking at greens can help sooth your eyes.  Some claim that can even improve your eyesight!

Roadhouse Plain Jane BurgerPlain Jane Burger ($21)

It didn’t take us long to decide which burger to had.  My friend choose the Plain Jane Burger.  This is a 170g Josper grilled wagyu patty with tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard.  As the name suggests, the burger looks plain indeed.  The burger is served together with some coleslaw and a can of thick-cut fries.  My friend said that the burger was just the right size to be picked up and eaten like you would have in McDonald’s.  A good burger need not have too much condiments until that you have to take it into pieces to eat it.  A burger had to be had with your hands.

Roadhouse Marinated Bacon BurgerBacon Marinated Burger ($24)

I had this Bacon Marinated Burger which is raved about in some of the food reviews I read.  With the same 170g Josper-grilled Wagyu patty, this burger comes with melted gorgonzola, streaky bacon, caramelised onions, garlic mayonnaise & sauteed mushrooms.  Ahem, although there are a lot more ingredients going on in my burger, but I don’t have to tear them apart too!  It is really an experience to eat your burger this way as in most places the burgers are so huge you cannot eat it on its own!

Roadhouse Valrhona Chocolate BrownieValrhona Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream ($12)

With some time to kill, we decided to have some dessert.  My friend ordered the chocolate brownie with ice-cream.  Brownie was served warmed with a very generous dollop of chocolate on top of the vanilla ice-cream.  The chocolate sauce was really good but the brownie and the ice-cream leave much to be desired.

Roadhouse Dempsey

Just beside where we sat and near to the entrance of Roadhouse is a bar.  We didn’t have any drinks as my disciplined friend was driving.  In any case the bar does spruce up the place a little.  Roadhouse do have some alcoholic beverages and cocktails for those who like something from the bar.

Roadhouse Burger Champ

If you look close enough, there is actually a wall-of-fame for those who conquered the “Terminator Challenge”.  For $59, you can set yourself up for the Terminator Challenge by mopping up 6 wagyu patties in a sesame seed bun with other ingredients going on at the burger. (Total 1kg).  If you finish it within 20 minutes, you get to eat your burger for free, and have bragging rights for having your Polaroid taken and put on the wall-of-famed amongst the other achievers.  They call it “Instant Fame”.  Are you game for it?



Roadhouse is run by the Privé Group, hence you would come to expect some good quality burgers here at Roadhouse.  If you remember me mentioning Josper-Grill of the burger, it is actually a cooking method using this machine that combines a charcoal grill and oven in a single machine.  This actually helps to seal the natural flavours and moisture within the meat.  That explains why the our wagyu patty is so tender and juicy yet with some charred BBQ flavour.  If you hear of Josper Grill for the first time, be sure to come back for more places that uses the Josper Grill method to cook its meat!

Roadhouse is hence a good find.  Glad I was able to treat my good friend to some good burgers here.

13 Dempsey Road
#01-07 Dempsey Hill
Singapore 249674
Tel: 6476 2922
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10.30am to 2.30pm (lunch) 6.30pm to 10pm (dinner)
Saturday & Sunday : 9am to 4pm (brunch) and 6.30pm to 10pm (dinner)



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