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App Review: Rise Alarm Clock August 16, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in App, Review.

Rise App Alarm ClockMost people I know download apps from the iTunes or Google Play store only when they first install or set up their phone for first use, or sporadically when they want to check out new apps.  I would be blogging about some interesting applications which you can consider to download for use, things that I found interesting or useful in my daily activities.

One of my most recent download is Rise Alarm Clock, which is currently available for free download from the iTunes App Store.  Rise is also currently a featured app in the Apple iTunes store.

Although the built-in Clock App as part of Apple iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini is sufficient to serve as an alarm clock, however if you don’t mind a dedicated app to add to the clutter of apps you have, Rise Alarm Clock is one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed alarm clock I have seen from the App Store ever.

Rise App Alarm Clock On & OffI just love to see how beautiful the colours are being used in the app.  As you drag the timing for the alarm clock (on the left), it will display a beautiful hues of colors to indicate whether it is day or night time.  So you will never be mistaken, or forgot whether you set it as AM or PM.  Many times I set the alarm and forgot to check and end up the Alarm just won’t ring because it was set to PM mode.  This feature will certainly prevent that from happening.  As you drag left or right on the clock once you set the alarm, the screen turns black on the right).  It will also show you how many hours it is from the current time.  Level 2 safeguard that your alarm timing can’t be wrong.

Rise App Alarm Clock On

To turn the alarm “On” or “Off”, simply drag your fingers to the left or right.  The “On” or “Off” screen will show on the side.  It may be a little confusing when you first use it.  Just remember a black screen means the alarm is set.

Other than this features, you can also find the following interesting features

  1. Wake up to preset 16 melodies.  I love waking up to voices of nature like Seagull Harbor, Jungle Morning and Traveling Wind.
  2. Make a playlist from your iTunes to put you to sleep.  It can be your favourite Pop or some relaxing music to ease you to sleep.
  3. Set a time for your playlist so that they don’t play all night draining the battery
  4. Snooze or turn off your alarm with a shake (iPhone only)
  5. Simple gesture on the App to adjust alarm volume, adjust preferences or to snooze, or to on/off the alarm
  6. Function as a beautiful clock in docked station either in night mode, skyscape or live camera

Hurry to download this gorgeous alarm clock on the Apples iTune Store for FREE now. (Usual $1.99)

Rise Alarm Clock

By Kellen Styler



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