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iBake @ Star Vista (Buona Vista) August 11, 2013

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iBake Bread BasketiBake Bread Basket ($8 per basket, or $1.50 per piece)

If a simple basket of bread and pastry can bring you comfort and delight, it has achieved its goal: to sate and please. Usually it is hard to find a bakery that can bring you the light airy texture of a Japanese confectionary and crusty and chewy texture of the French. iBake does well to bring the two together is because its own by Prima, a home grown flour mill in Singapore; well known internationally for food manufacturing and baking solutions. iBake collaborate with a highly reputable bakery company in Japan to bring a combination of best ingredients with both French and Japanese influences to you – the rustic comfort of European crusts and Japanese silkiness.

In this bread basket are artisanal bread and pastries. We have the Petite French Stick with Milk Cream, Petite Gruyere Cheese, Petite Anchovy Croissant and Petite French Croissant. Each of them gave a unique flavour and texture which I love so much that I can tell which is my favourite. If I were to choose, my favourite ought to be the anchovy croissant which is buttery and oozes a savoury anchovy centre with a mild hint of garlic. On the other hand, the Gruyere Cheese will make a perfect snack anytime.

iBake Cold Case

iBake is located at The Star Vista in Buona Vista. They have a large seating capacity for a wholesome dine in experience with great selection in its comprehensive menu. For takeaways, they also boost a wide selection of gourmet artisanal breads, buns and pastries which are all skillfully and painstakingly made by hand.

iBake Creamy Chicken Pot PieCreamy Chicken Pot Pie ($6.80)

iBake Seafood Chowder Pot PieSeafood Chowder Pot Pie ($6.80)

A good warm soup helps prepares the tummy for the food and aid in digestion when you consume the food later. You can enjoy a pot pie on its own or to start your meal with. I found the seafood chowder to be nicer as it has a rich seafood taste of white clams, scallop, prawns, mussels and assorted vegetables. Don’t forget to eat the crust of the pot pie which is soft and fluffy!

iBake Carprese TartineCarprese Tartine ($8.50)

This colourful carprese is sure to impress both your sense of sight and taste. I always believe how the food is presented is just as important as how the food taste. The vibrant red, green and purple hues of the grilled capsicum, zucchini, and egg plant sits neatly on top of a slice of toast that’s has a crusty and chewy side that is smeared with a tasty olive pate. The grilled vegetables taste fresh and succulent; complemented well with drizzles of garlic olive oil and lavished with mozzarella cheese and makes me feel healthy eating it.

iBake HamburgeriBake Hamburger ($12.80)

I felt a chirpy mood when I see the hamburger presented before me. The crown of the bun is dotted with black and white sesame! Making this hamburger is more a science than art. The hamburger has a simple filling of a proprietary recipe of 100% USDA Choice-grade beef cut, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomatoes and topped with gourmet cheddar cheese. The bun is hard enough to hold the ingredients together even as the juices from the beef and condiments starts oozing but yet soft enough so you don’t have to bite it down and squeeze the burger. It’s amazing how this burger do away with sauce but yet is so juicy.

iBake Tofu Avocado SandwichTofu Avocado Sandwich ($8.50)

Vegetarians or those who desire lower calories has more to choose from. The tofu and avocado sandwich is a good choice if you want something warm. I love how the enoki mushrooms are marinated in a special sesame sauce and goes perfectly well with the pan-fried tofu. The texture from the tofu, avocado and mushrooms really triggers your senses.

iBake Kurobuta Ham Camembert CheeseKurobuta Ham & Camembert Cheese ($8.50)

Compared to the heavier taste of the Tofu Avocado Sandwich and iBake Hamburger, this Kurobuta Ham & Camembert Cheese sub is an entirely refreshing experience as the taste is much lighter, and punctuating with the taste of the soft, creamy Camembert cheese topped with ground pepper.

iBake Danoise a la MyrtilleDanoise a la Myrtille ($5.80)

iBake a la FramboisDanoise a la Frambois ($5.80)

The blueberry (myrtille) and raspberry (frambois) Danish are both light, rich and flaky. I love the custard that sits on top that’s just the right sweetness for me. I always prefer the raspberry which lends an acidic taste to balance away some of the sweetness from the custard. These danish are good dessert to end off the meal.

iBake Twin Cream PieTwin Cream Puff ($4.00)

My favourite has to be this twin cream puff with fluffy and flaky crust. The same custard from the Danish earlier and fresh cream is just perfect with the puff.

iBake Ambience

iBake had a large seating capacity alongside the parameter of level 2 at Star Vista. Enjoy the cool breeze and nice view of the greenery outside in a alfresco setting. iBake is perfect for lunch or tea time snacks and for those who prefer a light comforting dinners, there are good options of gourmet sandwiches to choose from. And as you leave, don’t forget to pack some of its bread and pastries. They also come in petite sizes for handy storage. The takeaway bag even have reheating instructions printed (see below) How thoughtful.



To make dining hassle-free, iBake also designed a couple of lunch and dinner set meals for diners to chose from. The Gourmet Value Set Meals are available both for lunch and dinner.

iBake Gourmet Value Set Meal

Each set comes with either a pot pie or salad, and a hamburger or sandwich as the main course, and polishing off the meal with coffee, tea or juices.

Thank you Sharon from Prima and Celina from Foreword Communications for hosting the tasting session and 365days2play for extending the invitation to me.

iBake |Buona Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-28 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 4718
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday & Sunday: 10am – 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 11pm



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