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Celebrate National Day with Kitchen Wares from Mayer Marketing August 4, 2013

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There is a pending long weekend coming as we prepare to celebrate Hari Raya Pausa and National Day Holiday.  With so much free time to spare, what shall we do if we are not going on a holiday vacation.  How about preparing a meal for your love ones at home?  You need some kitchen ware to help you do to so.

Celebrate this National Day in splashes of red and white!  Mayer Marketing that houses two fashionable designer brands brings to you exclusive offers and great discount for their products in our national colours – RED and WHITE from $48 to $480!  Promotion is valid at Great World City and Plaza Singapura outlets and ends 31 August!

Mayer Marketing National Day Promotion

These days many people actually splurge hundred of thousands is designing their new homes.  Renovations are getting incredibly expensive.  If you have a designer kitchen, it is about time to think of having some designer kitchen ware to complement your expensively renovated kitchen!

Bugatti Diva Eespresso MachineBugatti DIVA Espresso Machine

I instantly took a liking for this espresso machine when I see this.  Maybe because it doesn’t seem to be like one of those machines born out of mass production.  You can see that the design is aesthetically appealing and with a lot of style. Ground coffee or coffee pods can be used in this machine.  Its innovative technique allows one to appreciate coffee in every way.

Its cone-shaped design leaves room for cups on the warm plate at the top of the machine. The water tank is smartly integrated and the unique Bugatti drop-system ensures fresh water flows from the boiler.

National Day Promotion Price:

enjoy $480 discount! Now at $1,419 (U.P $1,899)

Bugatti VELA Food BlenderBugatti VELA Food Blender – Now at $480 (U.P $559)

Ever since my last blender died on me, I have been missing out on my home-made ice-blended and smoothies that I used to prepare.  When I was shopping at the supermarket earlier, I was thinking of getting a blender already!

When buying a blender, you should not look just at the speed settings which you can set.  What is more important are function such as “Pulse” and “Ice”.  This will allow you to blend and grind ice in auto mode to get the best results.  While I’m writing this, I feel like a margaritas already!  Also ensure that your blenders have solid steel blades that can cuts ice!

The Bugatti VELA Food Blender has all of these functions in its unique conical shape.  If you like it red or white, do not miss this NDP Promotion.

Bugatti VOLO ToasterBugatti VOLO Toaster – Now at $480 (U.P $559)

If you have the Buggati DIVA Espresso Machine, you should have this Bugatti VOLO Toaster too.  I just adore how a toaster can be beautifully designed with such grace!  I would make breakfast everyday if I have a toaster like this.  Especially for those who have a more open concept kitchen these days, this toaster will make just a wonder accessory to the kitchen.

The Bugatti VOLO toaster is versatile and features a ‘Bagel’ function that toasts only one side of the sliced bread. The ‘Defrost’ function defrost bread while the ‘Reheat’ function warms up toasted bread.  So no more worry of your toast getting charred from reheating!  The ‘Browning’ selector lets one choose up to six levels of toasting perfection. The generously sized bun warmer also easily accommodates thick slices and can also be used as a serving tray. Last but not least, the integrated tray in the base neatly catches crumbs making cleaning more convenient and less of a hassle.

Bugatti VERA Electric Kettle

Bugatti VERA Electric Kettle – Now at $480 (U.P $659)

Boil you drinking water with style with Bugatti Vera Electric Kettle.  Wouldn’t this cone-shaped kettle blends well with the other products shown above such as the espresso machine and blender?

This is no ordinary kettle as it used the latest technology to achieve substantial energy saving and the maximum level of thermal efficiency. It comprises a detachable body and a base that supplies power and feeds the display battery.  You can also choose to boil the water to a desired water temperature (between 45°C and 100°C) as a  special electronic control allows the kettle to reach the desired water temperature

The unique display is integrated into the handle and shows functions like a clock and timer that can be easily programmed for a coffee or tea break.  So if you still prefer making coffee the traditional way (than the espresso machine), there is a cheaper alternative for you, and beautify the kitchen at the same time.

Other than Bugatti that is on promotion, two other KitchenAid products (also marketed by Mayer) are on the National Day Promotion!

KitchenAid Food ChopperKitchenAid Food Chopper – enjoy $48 discount! Now at $151 (U.P $199)

KitchenAid ToasterKitchenAid Toaster – enjoy $48 discount! Now at $251 (U.P $$299)

Remember, this National Day Promotion is valid till 31 August 2013 and available in the Great World City or Plaza Singapura show rooms only.  Have fun shopping!

Mayer Marketing Showrooms

Great World City,
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-25
Singapore 237994
Tel: +65 6838 4079

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6835 8272



1. 365days2play - August 6, 2013

Wow, if there’s one thing that turns me on, it’s KITCHEN EQUIPMENT! And the red colour is so festive! I’m sure they would look good in my kitchen. 🙂

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