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Mad Nest @ East Coast Road July 29, 2013

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Mad Nest

Wanted to go to Penny University for coffee and desserts after a substantial dinner with my friends however it was jammed pack full.  So we have to find another venue.  We walked back towards where we parked the car and Viola!  We were quite attracted by Mad Nest for the nice decor so we popped in for a drink.

Mad NestThere really isn’t any more space after the full dinner we had at Old Airport Road Food Centre.  So the lady ordered a fruit punch and the man ordered a mocktail called “Gunner”.  The man didn’t have an alcoholic drink because he is driving.  I would like to urge all my blog readers “Drink Don’t Drive.  Drive Don’t Drink”.   I did checked the menu and they served Japanese and Northern Indian Food.  Prices is mid-range but definitely affordable.  Sounds good for a supper hangout!

Mad Nest

The only think I can associate it with a mad nest is this decor piece placed near the window of the store.  It does resemble a bird nest of sorts right?  I also like this cosy spot, although we weren’t ushered there.  I was lucky to be able to take a photo before someone takes a seat there.

Mad Nest

Surprising for a big venue, there isn’t quite a crowd when we went at 8pm although the outdoor alfresco area was rather occupied.  We reckon that foreigners prefer outdoor sitting.  But slowly more people came in.  Looks like people are having just about the same idea as me – that Mad Nest is a good choice for supper.

Mad Nest

You can see that the decor is very simple and yet pleasing to the eyes.  The main colors choices: green, blue and white works harmoniously creating a pleasant ambiance about the place.  The service was good and attentive too.

Mad Nest

My friends happy with the find.  The lady in ROCK STAR T-shirt (and I love her curls) and the man in a purple polo T-shirt. Currently purple is the most sexy fashion color for the year.

Will come back Mad Nest some day to try out their food.  So do check back this space for more.

Mad Nest
378-380 East Coast Road
Singapore 428986
Tel:  6348 6861
Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 4.00pm – 1.00am
Friday: 4.00pm – 2.00am
Saturday: 11:00am – 2.00am
Sunday: 11:00am – 1.00am


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