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The Providore Cafe @ Mandarin Gallery July 28, 2013

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The Providore

The Providore opened recently at Mandarin Gallery and the BFF was very enthusiastic about going there for meal soon.  Actually my intention is to try their breakfast menu however when she text me to head to Orchard Road to meet her for dinner I went along.

The Providore Singapore

For those who are “in the scene”, Providore is not new to Singapore.  In fact, they have a retail store at Tan Boon Liat Building at Outram Road which was opened earlier in June this year.  The Providore Cafe; debuts this July; is an extension to their gourmet food concept.  What you can come to expect of Providore is a western style menu with a Australian touch.

The Providore

I just adore the interiors of the cafe.  The cafe boasts a modern and yet simple aesthetics that makes me feels instantly transformed from the buzz just outside at the core of city to one which I feel both cosy and homely.  Although they have plenty of items on display for sale, however I don’t feel that it is a grocer at all.  Everything from the selection of furnishing to the lighting of the cafe just seems so immaculate.

The Providore Gurkhason

The Providor Grilled MackerelGrilled Mackerel Crostini & Crispy Bacon ($18.50)

Providore dinner menu only has few select items, however it is still hard to decide what to choose.  I picked the Grilled Mackerel Crostini & Crispy Bacon with the service staff recommendation.  Although I know food is a very personal choice but I always like to know what if popular and what is good.  It is quite unusual for a restaurant to serve mackerel because it is a cheap fish.  However I love the rich texture of the flesh and also for it rich omega-3 which is good for the heart.  Beneath the fish are four vine-ripen tomatoes which are sweet and juicy I really like them alot.  The bed of toast though was something to be reckon with as the side/crust is a tad too hard for me, but is nice and chewy!

The Providore Side DishEndives, Apple & Gorgonzola Salad ($9.50)

Providore has few salad sides to choose from for those who love some veggies with the main dish. I picked the Endives, Apple & Grogonzola Salad which is beautifully presented.   I can taste the freshness of the endives and the thinly sliced apple which is sweet and refreshing.  BFF thinks the gorgonzola taste “stinky”, but for a non-cheese fan like me; I actually like it.  The salad also has walnut that is coated is sugar which adds a good bite and crunch to the salad.   Overall it is enjoyable but a little pricey for the small portion.

The Providore Singapore

The Providore Mac Cheese and LobsterLobster Mac & Cheese ($22.50)

There you go, my BFF just about to start her indulgent course of Lobster Mac & Cheese.  Hey, if you noticed my blog, I seldom put pictures of my dining companion.  In my testimonials, I am also written as a person who is very task-focused.  I think that is an apt description of me, and while it may sound good, however sometimes I think it may not be a total compliment.  But oh well, a leopard never changes  it spot.  And back to the Lobster Mac & Cheese – well I did try a little and feel that it has an acquired taste (to me), not too sure if it is from the cheese or wine.  So although it is one of the popular choice, but certainly not something I will order.

The Providore Best Seat

Take the escalator from the front of Mandarin Gallery and it will bring you straight up to Providore Cafe.  Try having a cup of coffee (regular at $5 and large at $6.50) instead of your regular coffeeshop and I am sure you may be pleasantly delighted.   The next time I am here, I would like to sit at this corner which I can look out of its window to the world outside and yet be away from the rest of the guests.  I would like to try the Spatchcock Chicken or Porkloin Involtini which has interesting ingredients with pumpkin & rocket salad.

Who’s going with me?

The Providore Cafe
333A Orchard Road
#02-05 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 529536
Tel:  67321565
Opening Hours:
Daily from 9.00am to 11.00pm


1. 365days2play - August 6, 2013

Oi! Why did you put my big face there? Hmmm prices were a little steep, and portion size a little small. But I guess it is not unexpected in a place such as the Mandarin Gallery.

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5. Dissatisfied customer - March 23, 2014

Had brunch. The portions are very small. The presentation is lacking and the food tasteless… And.. They charge a lot . Come only for coffee.

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