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Paris Baguette @ Wisma Atria July 10, 2013

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Paris Baguette Wisma Atria

There is always a line of queue at Paris Baguette which is located at Wisma Atria. Well, the name is quite a misnomer because it is located in Singapore and it actually is a Korean cafe, not French! I think the cafe location is ideal because when I think of Wisma Atria I think of the iconic blue building with waves as its trademark logo. Paris Baguette uses my favourite blue hues too so there is a really cool association of the two.  If you are thinking what’s all the craze about at Paris Baguette, that is because it is one of the top Korean bakery chain in Korea.  So if it is hugely popularly, it should be good right?

Paris BaguetteRoyal Pudding in 3 Flavors ($4 – $4.50)

Paris Baguette PuddingOriginal Pudding ($4)

One of their speciality is the original milk pudding. It’s filled with rich, creamy goodness.   The texture of the pudding is like those soya bean{curd} pudding, once you dig in, the milk will explode in your mouth.  It is so yummy that, and I would have tried all the flavours or have a second helping…. If not for its price!

Paris Baguette Mango Surfer SandwichMango Surfing Sandwich ($8.60)

My friend had a mango surfing sandwich. I would have preferred a more savoury sandwich so having fruits in my sandwich isn’t quite my thing. But my friend claims that she likes it. Most importantly the mango taste sweet.

Paris Baguette Custard UFOFlying UFO ($2.60)

I had the Flying UFO which is lightly crusted at the side with custard as filling in its core. The crust on the side is crispy like a cookie and as you get to the core, it is like bread. Quite interesting and I probably get this as a snack next time.

Paris Baguette Garlic BreadKorea Power Garlic Baguette ($2.80)

I am very impressed by this garlic baguette. Supposed to be for sharing with my family but end up I had everything. The garlic is very fragrant and consistent throughout the bread. I can even taste bits of the garlic and onions. Really power indeed! Everyone should order one for takeaway it’s really that good.

Paris Baguette Mushroom FoccaciaMushroom Foccacia ($2.90)

My regular reader should know by now I love focaccia bread. So I had this order of mushroom focaccia when I see it. Turn out to be quite an unfortunate order. Both my friend and I didn’t like it. I usually don’t waste food but we left half a piece on the plate.  So much for not wasting calories on food that is not nice.

Paris Baguette Greek SaladGreek Salad ($8.50)

Lucky for me, my order of Greek Salad was very good. Salad is very refreshing as it was served chilled.  It also comes with a good salad dressing. As you can see from the picture, it got my favourite wild rockets! There’s also eggs, olives, tomatoes, sweet peas and many other good stuff. It is good to share or even have it on its own as you will never get tired having it.  I love this Greek Salad and I’ll come back for more.

Paris Baguette Choco Half RingChoco Half Ring ($2.80)

My friend ordered half a chocolate ring and it isn’t quite look like anything but half a ring. I reckon she ordered because there’s chocolate in it since she is quite a chocolate fan herself. From her reaction she doesn’t seem to like it that much. “Too little chocolate and short of coco taste” she said. Well, that quite conclude this item.

Paris Baguette Queen's MuffinQueen’s Muffin ($3.50)

I was very attracted to the Queen’s muffin which is topped with sweet blueberry. Look at the crowning of the muffin, it is so full makes me want to bite on it immediately. I quite enjoy the muffin which is soft and fluffy inside and just the right sweetness for me.

Paris Baguette Sweet Bacon RollSweet Bacon Roll ($3.60)

I also ordered the sweet bacon roll as it looks very appetizing. (I actually can’t believe that I ordered so much items~!) But who can resist bacon? Other than the sweet crispy bacon which reminds me of our local favourite bah kwa (sweet BBQ meat), this sweet roll is just average. Maybe the sweet bacon roll isn’t deserving of such mediocre review because I probably had too much of everything already!  I am such a glutton!

Would definitely come back for more of its sweet items especially their cakes which looks very lovely. Till then, do check back for my next review!

Paris Baguette
435 Orchard Road
#02-48 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Tel: 68362010
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 10.00am to 11.00pm



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2. Aldora - January 4, 2014

Have visited the place last week when the crowd is smaller. I love the food and drinks there. But the service is really unacceptable (luckily there was no service charge).

Pls check out my review @ http://musings-of-a-rabbit.blogspot.sg/2014/01/paris-baguette-wisma-atria-nice.html soon 🙂

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