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Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central July 9, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in food, singapore.

Genki Sushi TrainIn order to improve the economy, a measurement called “productivity” comes to play.  What it means is that with a lesser input, you produce a greater output.  That means being productive.  In many instances, productivity comes when it is driven by technology.  With the use of technology, many places can reinvent themselves and create an edge for themselves.  That was what I thought of when I visit Genki Sushi at Orchard Central.

Genki Sushi Ordering Pad

That’s my friend.  He isn’t playing with his tablet!  This is Genki Sushi menu.  When I walked into the outlet, I saw there are few people who are eating and playing with their tablet at the same time.  I dislike people who uses their phone a lot when dining out (other than taking nice food pictures and putting them on instagram or other social media!) So that’s the reason why.  Ordering from a tablet!  Quite innovative isn’t it?

Genki Sushi TrainNot only you order the food from a tablet, the food is delivered to you via a conveyor belt which has “aeroplanes” that zoomed by your side.  So your order came in a flight as well.  Look here, food delivered via an airplane!  Isn’t this awesome?

Negitoro DonNegitoro Don ($9.80)

My friend ordered a Negitoro Don.  I supposed a negitoro don to be raw tuna belly with the spring onions on top of a rice bowl.  But this doesn’t look like it at all.  This is no camera tricks.  In fact we expect something pinkish as the tuna supposed to be raw, but it looks orangy like as if it is a fried egg.

Chuka HotateChuka Hotate ($3.80)

This is a marinated dish of seasoned scallop is vinegar.  Crunchy and tasty!  It is a very appetising side dish, with a tinge of sweetness I prefer.

???????????????????????????????Vegetable Kakiage ($2.30)

Look at these deep fried vegetables, don’t you think they look like they are dancing?  I loved the way this devilish dish is presented.  I always like these deep fried vegetables because they are economical and tasty!  We had two serving of these!

???????????????????????????????Spicy Salmon ($2.30)

These spicy salmon are not to be trifled with.  When they say spicy, they mean spicy!  Haha not so bad lah, though it is spicy in fact.  I do quite like the spiciness that comes together with the salmon, quite unique I must say.  Surprisingly, the Japanese sushi is becoming of using chilli as a flavour.  I never quite noticed that in the past.

fried tofu skinFried Tofu Skin ($1.80)

Hello Kitty!  Was really surpised when we were served this dish because it comes in a Hello Kitty plate.  My friend nearly put this lovely plate in her bag if not for her boyfriend stopping her.  Hahah…. I was just kidding.  But isn’t it lovely?  We had to seperate the tofu sushi so that we can take the Kitty picture.  I always love tofu skin because of its sweetness.  When you have it with the wasabi and soya bean sauce, the mixture of flavour is simply heavenly!

Clams MisoClams Miso ($3.80)

I don’t know when I started acquiring the habit of having clams miso.  I love the seafoody taste of the clams on the seafood soup.  The miso soup does not disappoint even though the low price tag.  Beginning to think Genki Sushi is so value for money!

Soft Shell Crab RollSoft Shell Crab Roll ($3.80)

The soft shell crab roll is a just nice a portion for three of us diners.    The seasame seeds are coated generously on one side of the sushi that adds fragrance to the otherwise plain rice of the sushi.

???????????????????????????????California Roll ($3.80)

I love California roll because they are one of the most pretty sushi because of its bright red or orange exterior.  When you bite into it, the small roes all burst in your mouth at the same time.  The Japanese are so cleverly to have invented the California roll.

Tamago SaladTamago Salad ($3.80)

After the intensifying taste from the soup and sushi, it is best to cleanse your palatte with a bowl of fresh veggies, tamago salad!  Love the hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes.  Woots!  It is also one of the best order I have as the veggies are super fresh, even the leaves are crunchy!

I would love coming to Genki Sushi at Orchard Central again, or if anyone could tell me that they also have the high technology and hassle free ordering system via the iPad, and the innovative conveyor belt that send a plane with your food with it.  Well, I hope their creativity doesn’t end there, maybe they should have a choo-choo train the next time.  Hey listen, if Genki implement this, I would expect to receive some royalties!

Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
#03-32 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours:
Sun–Thu: 11.30am – 9.30pm
Fri–Sat & PH: 11.30am – 10pm



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4. Yax - November 5, 2013

that is actually not a plane.. it is supposed to shape like the Japan’s express train..

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Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central | Thoughts on Air

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