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The Humble Loaf @ Mountbatten Road, Katong Shopping Centre July 6, 2013

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The Humble Loaf is a humble little cafe along one of the unsuspecting corridor of Katong Shopping Centre; on the basement floor some more!  You know, the shopping centre with a lot of maid employment agencies!  I don’t know why they are so humble with their “loaf” but I tried their bread and they are really good.  Apparently they bake their bread fresh every morning.

???????????????????????????????nice deco on the limited space

It is nice to have a cafe in the shopping centre.  I wish we have more of these indie cafe at convenient locations.  I would at any time support these cafe versus the regular coffee shops (aka Starbucks or CBTL) that we go to.  It isn’t easy to be an entrepreneur and I really wish all of them well.  So hopefully from humble beginnings, they can turn into something great.

???????????????????????????????Mushroom Bruschetta ($6)

BFF and I just had a heavy session elsewhere on Saturday afternoon.  But the idea to check out THL came when we were passing by the Mountbatten area.  We learn of the cafe from our friend Facebook posting.  So despite the heavy stomach we tried the mushroom bruschetta.  Quite frankly, I was expecting more of those small petite size bruschetta like those you get in a tapas restaurant but we got 2 huge ones instead.  More of like a open face sandwich!  The roasted mushrooms were on top of the walnut bread topped with gruyere (cheese) with truffled butter.   Overall l like the texture of the mushrooms, but the whole thing was quite sour probably from the vinegar but it got better as we had more.  If you read more posts before, I am not fan of truffle.  In fact it irks me sometimes, but the truffled butter here was acceptable for me because it is not overwhelming.

???????????????????????????????Nice display of items locked in glass shelf.  Cute guy wearing a mask.  Is it cos of haze?

???????????????????????????????Financier ($1.50)

There were some other desserts choices on the case.  BFF picked the smallest and cheapest.  This finger size financier is mildly sweet and is quite light and moist.  I was asking BFF what is the difference between financier and Madeleine and our final conclusion seems to be that Madeleine has a shell-like shape.  Anyone care to share some insights?

???????????????????????????????Beef Pastrami Sandwich ($8)

Because I thought that it is pathetic to cover a blog entry with a finger size cake and bruschetta, therefore I decided to settle my dinner since it was close to 6pm.  Had the beef pastrami sandwich.  I was rather impressed with the light wasabi dressing used in the sandwich.  But would have like if it wasn’t so runny.  The wasabi dressing really complemented the beef very well.  The bread is really something as it is dense and heavy such that after half a sandwich, I felt very satisfied already.  Would have put it in a brown bag if not for the wasabi sauce making the bread too wet.

The Humble Loaf have other sandwich choices which I would like to try.  Maybe I love their bread.  I was very tempted to try their Foccacia bread too.  Such a humble little cafe but so much to offer.  I want to try their coffee the next time I go there too.  Better leave my stomach growling in my next visit so that I can eat more!

The Humble Loaf
865 Mountbatten Road
#B1-92 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437839
Opening Hours:
Open Daily: 10.00am to 6.30pm



1. suannchonglee - July 8, 2013

I love this place!! And yes you definitely have to come back to try more stuff 😉 my personal recommendations are the Not-so-Humble Eggs, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Japanese Sweet Potatoes. And a Piccolo Latte to wash it down 🙂

gurkhason - July 8, 2013

I love eggs, so yes going to try that too the next time! Thanks for the recommendations~!

suannchonglee - July 15, 2013

Cheers!! 😀

2. Daniel Lim - July 8, 2013

This place is great. Food is really good, and service is even better. The breads and deserts they serve are wonderful as well.

gurkhason - July 8, 2013

I agree with you. Will try more desserts the next time. Thanks for visiting my blog~!

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