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Drips Bakery Cafe @ Tiong Bahru, Tiong Poh Road June 30, 2013

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I couldn’t resist stepping into a cafe when they shouted loudly in the store front “We Specialise in Tarts“. Basically a tart consists of three component: the pastry base (I call it the crust), custard and usually fruits. All three are my favourite so I love tarts. Just to let on a pet peeve of mine – sometimes when I go to a buffet, I actually will steal a fruit tart to eat before commencing my meal… because I am so afraid that the tarts will be all gone by the time I finish.


Of all the cafe I have been to in Tiong Bahru area, Drips Bakery Cafe is one of the most open and spacious. I like their plain and simple decor. Read on to find out my favourite seat and also the cosy area of the cafe. But please, speak softly if you may; because nobody will be interested in your conversation. That was what happened to me when I was at the cafe: There are two people were talking so loudly, gossiping about a common lady friend. I can’t help but to hear the entire conversation. Why are people so nosey as to gossip about a person? A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people“. If you have not heard of this before, remember you learn it from this blog.

Sorry, I digress.


Before the introduction of the coffee, here are some coffee brewing equipment are on display. I wonder if they used them.

???????????????????????????????Flat White ($4.50)

I had a flat white but unfortunately it comes in an uninteresting cup and saucer. There is also no latte art on my flat white.  The redeeming part is that the milk is creamy and thick with a good and smooth texture. I like the coffee despite it being a smaller cup.

???????????????????????????????Special Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes ($6.50)

As I have not had lunch, so I decided to go ahead with a savory item first. The focaccia caught my eyes.  Of all the different kind of bread, the focaccia is probably one of my favourite because I do like the taste of herbs such as oregano and rosemary making the bread to be very fragrant.  The use of olive oil also gives an added dimension to it.  The tomatoes on top are very well seasoned and the flavour blends very well with the bread.  However I do find it a tad expensive.  If I had known it cost $6.50 I would have gotten a focaccia sandwich instead.

???????????????????????????????Fruit Tart ($8)

How can you not have fruit tart in a place where the they specialised in it? I had their fruit tart with strawberries and blackberries. I requested to have the tart to be served later so that I can have it while it is chilled and also to stay a longer time in the cafe.  I was very happy to order the tart despite the expensive price tag.  But it was a very generous one with huge strawberries that are very sweet.  The crust is also crunchy as a cookie and a little moist (not the hard kind).    The custard is sweet and complement the crust very well.  As the tart is served very chilled, so the fruits tasted extra good and juicy.  What a refreshing fruit tart!

Once I sat in Drips Bakery Cafe, I love it instantly.  The place is big and spacious and is very bright.  I guess being in a bright place elevates the mood as oppose to some cafe that are dimmer; more suitable for a quiet conversation.  On the day I was there, they played some good jazzy oldies which suits the mood for the book I am reading.

A cafe is not about the coffee or food, the interior deco is just as important.  It sets the mood and makes you feel comfortable.  Click on to read more on what Drips Bakery Cafe offers.


The cafe wasn’t very crowded when I went so I have good choices because there were many seats available.  I was spoilt for choice.  This is my favourite seat because the cushion is very soft and you can lean your whole shoulder on the back.  I always love a good armchair and is happy to find this seat to be empty.


The cafe is a mishmash of tables and chairs.  Again, I have mentioned it in my previous post that I like it when there are different furniture pieces.  It makes it feels extra cosy.  That is why I took so many pictures of the seats available here.  The most quiet spot is all the way behind where the exit is.  Cool enough despite a hot afternoon because the air-conditioning is working properly.


Another table suitable for larger group with a 3-seater sofa, chairs and stools over a low table.  Won’t you feel at home sitting like this as compared to chairs and tables?  The sofa seats have cushions and throw to make the place more casual.


But if you must, the table and chair.  Noticed the socket?  Suitable place for those who may want to work on their laptop, a higher table will be better.  I also like the two elongated and colorful painting above the table.  Makes the place look extra cheery.


Not my favourite seat as it is facing the wall.  However, I like the orange arm-chair with the high back very good for leaning back.  It is also a more private corner of the cafe.


Remember how I have mentioned in my other post that I like a see through roof top. Although this one is a small fraction, however it is sufficient to shine enough light during the day. Natural lighting is always more soothing to the eyes compared to sources from the light bulb.

I really enjoyed my experience in Drips Bakery Cafe.  The coffee is good and the tarts superb!  Surely is where I would come by again.  Going to try their other sweet and savoury items.  Drips Bakery Cafe is near to Tiong Bahru Bakery and Orange Thimble.  Diagonally opposite to Two Faces: the coffee shop at day and restaurant at night chain in Tiong Bahru.

Drips Bakery Cafe | Tiong Bahru Estate
Blk 82, #01-05 Tiong Poh Road
Singapore 160082
Tel: 6222 0400
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11.00am to 9.30pm
Fri & Sat: 11.00am to 11.00pm



1. mysketchbookproject - July 2, 2013

a singaporean friend told me months ago she’ll take me to he cafes at tiong bahru but she still hasn’t 😦 next time u go, let me know and I’ll tag along. coffee and tart-y humor! this place has my name written all over it!

gurkhason - July 3, 2013

There are many cafes in Tiong Bahru! Let’s go cafe hopping one day. When will you be back from Penang?

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