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Eggs & Berries @ Changi City Point June 28, 2013

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I cannot imagine eggs and berries together, they don’t seem to be a good pairing.  But individually, I love eggs – fried, sunny-side up, poached, scrambled, steamed, etc… I also love berries – strawberries, blue berries, black berries, etc… So when I chance upon Eggs & Berries, I “bookmarked” myself to come and eat at this cheerful looking restaurant at Changi City Point.

???????????????????????????????Three Eggs Omelette with Bacon, Onion & Wild Mushroom ($14.80)

Despite being dinner, I had eggs!  Three eggs sounds like a lot in one seating and cholestrol shooting, but if you are at Eggs & Berries, you ought to have some egg!  All the eggs cooked at Eggs & Berries are supplied by CP chilled fresh eggs.  The omelette is served together with mesclun greens with cherry tomatoes and a rosti.  The toast at the side was slightly crisp and very soft and fluffy inside.  But it was a little too plain, would be better if it is served with butter or jam.  The homemade hash brown was disappointing and the eggs were; in my humble opinion; a little overcooked.  Look at the photo and you know it looked quite dry.  I like my omelette to be wet inside.

???????????????????????????????Veal Sausage and Eggs ($14.50)

This is what my friend had.  Woots!  The sausage is quite a huge one; firm and juicy inside.  My friend said the scrambled eggs are to his liking, but it again appear a little dry to me.  Maybe will be a good idea to tell the chef how well done we would like the eggs to be.  Another disappointing fact is that the restaurant doesn’t provide ground pepper, which is how I like it with my eggs.  Instead they have the white pepper variety we used for Chinese dining.  Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the 3 petite buttermilk pancake served at the side.  Very value for money for so much food.

???????????????????????????????Hot & Crispy Straight Cut Fries with Truffle ($10)

I am not quite a fan of truffles, but these truffle fries are not overwhelming in taste and quite acceptable to me.

???????????????????????????????Berries Special Waffles ($14.50)

How can one comes to Eggs and Berries and only have eggs without the berries.  It would be incomplete.  So here is a berries finale of waffles and many berries.  The waffles are nice and crisp on the outside with a soft interior.  I love the cream served on the side which is very creamy.  My friend like having the waffles with the maple syrup.  The berries special waffles is a fortunate order.


This is my Nth visit at Eggs & Berries.  I always find that it is one of the most value money for option here at Changi City Point.  Particularly I love the large cushion seats that is very comfy.  There are both indoor and outdoor seats available, with the outdoor seats tucked behind the restaurant and it is comfortable as they have big chiller units and fans placed outside to ensure a cool dining experience.  A very good option for the Easterners and those working at the Changi Business Park vicinity.

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-37/38 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038
Tel: 6636 4212
Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm (daily)

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this is also my bf’s favourite hangout for breakfast! but my favourite is still steak and egg 🙂

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