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Plain Vanilla @ Tiong Bahru, Yong Siak Street June 23, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in cafe, food, singapore.

I was cafe hopping one day at Tiong Bahru.  As a food blogger, I guess I must be more in tune with the up and coming (or came?) and hippy Tiong Bahru estate.  I reckon its imperative that I am more familiar with the cafe scene in Singapore.  But it is too much to stomach more than 3 cups of coffee a day, so that’s the limit I set for myself.


Plain Vanilla caught my eye because the entire shop was so simple.  Hardly a table and just benches.  Even while I was inside, it attracted many curious onlooker.  It seems that the shop is not officially complete (for the lack of table) and they are having a private party of sorts.


A simple coffee machine clearly visible when you enter the cafe.  They serve everything in a take away cup.  Save the washing and works for me too because I like to drink in takeaway cups.  However it may not be so environmentally friendly.  Given that there are no tables in the cafe, it is better to serve in takeaways to prevent spills.


A very prominent shelf that adds a lot of colors to the stores are these little bottles that keep the toppings for the cupcakes.  You will be amazed by the collection of them.  I wonder if these are actual inventories of the shop.  Clever of them to display them rather than to keep these nice looking ingredients in the kitchen.

???????????????????????????????Banana Walnut & Toffee Cake ($5)

Plain Vanilla actually serve very good cupcakes, accordingly to my friend.  However, I don’t really fancy a cup cake for today so I had a toffee walnut banana cake.  No plates for me too as the cake is served on a piece of paper.  I enjoyed the cake a lot because I love banana cake and the sticky toffee.  Just that it was a little too oily.  I wonder why the cake is so oily.  Does it comes from the butter from the cake or the toffee?


Double chocolate chips and blueberry muffins sits comfortably on the little crate box.  I almost couldn’t resist but to order, but I am feeling really very full from all the stuff I had from morning.  Guess I would come again the next time to try them and the cupcakes too.

???????????????????????????????Lovely cake drizzled with chocolate and topped with strawberries

???????????????????????????????Lemonade with Ginger Mint ($4)

Ordered a thirst quenching lemonade with ginger mint.  It is very refreshing change from all the coffee I had in previous cafes.  Love the big piece of lemon adding to the zesty lemonade and the slightly minty taste.


I really love this picture which I posted on instagram.  Look at the lemonade and it goes very well with the Haiwaiian shirt that the guy in the background is wearing.

???????????????????????????????Plain Vanilla | Tiong Bahru Estate
1D Yong Siak Street
Tiong Bahru Estate
Singapore 168641
Contact Number: 64655942
Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun: 12pm to 6pm
Closed on Monday

*Due to the haze, Plain Vanilla was closed on the weekend of 22-23 June 2013 “because sometimes making sure our team is okay matters just that little bit more… than cake“.  Quoted from their Facebook page.



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2. xinying - November 3, 2013

Hi! I am a student working on a project regarding Tiong Bahru and the recents cafes and restaurants that have appeared in the area. I noticed that you have reviewed some of them in your blog. Would you be so kind as to help me fill up this survey regarding the Tiong Bahru estate? It will take less than 10 mins at most, thank you for your time!

Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/128jBWQvfCb0gLEqJdvfQpfyn6000PHwqdV4losiEzuI/viewform

gurkhason - November 4, 2013

Hi, I’ve done the survey. Cheers and thanks for visiting my blog!

3. rreeggina - March 7, 2014

Plain vanilla is the nicest bakery I have ever seen!

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