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Table Manners @ Changi City Point June 20, 2013

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What is table manners you asked me?  What it means to me is a lot of things.  Never use your chopstick to poke a fishball.  That’s table manners.  In a Chinese restaurant dinner, you always take the food that is nearest to you.  That’s table manners.  When eating with elders, you should only start on a dish after they do.  That’s table manners.  Well the list goes on….


There are few chic looking restaurants that opens at Changi City Point, a relatively new mall that is beside Expo MRT station.  I reckon it mainly serves the office crowd working at the Changi Business Park.  Table Manners is one of them that attracted my attention because they have long bench tables which I like.  So I made a point to dine there to celebrate a friend’s birthday since we both stay in the East.


Diners can get to choose between dining in lush greenery at the alfresco area.  I’ve checked it out.  During the evening it is quite cooling because the sun has set and there’s fan blowing.  But alfresco is not really my style.  If only the pavilion is air-conditioned and glass up I would even pay to sit in there.  It is really comforting to dine with all the greens around you.


Half the long bench sits in the air-conditioned part of the restaurant.  My friend claimed that this is not optimising the space in the restaurant.  But you see, the dining experience is just as important as profit maximization.  Actually I am pretty sure everything’s factored into the price of the menu.  We were seated in the awkward centre at the “bend” of the long bench table, but was still comfortable.  After all, I say again… I love dining at long bench tables.

???????????????????????????????Snack Platter ($18)

To start off, we ordered a platter snack platter to work up our appetite.  Almost ordered 2 separate starters but my friend was quick to notice we can try 4 different snacks at the price of one.  Okay, maybe 1.5x.   You can choose any 4 snacks to form the platter and our choices are (1) ebiko mussels, (2) chicken quesadilla, (3) mushroom fritters and (4) zesty wings.  I personally like the mushrooms and chicken quesadilla. My friend enjoyed the mussels and chicken wings.

???????????????????????????????Mary’s Little Lamb ($23)

This dish strike a chord and I goes the childhood tunes “Mary had a little lamb…..”.  Mind you the lamb isn’t little at all as it is a really huge chunk of meat.  Quite frankly I didn’t quite enjoy the this lamb dish because the meat was tough and chunky.  But the little portion of the mashed potatoes and side green salad did win some of my favour.  Still, not a dish I will order next time.

???????????????????????????????Baked Salmon ($20)

My friend had the baked salmon.  It sits nicely on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and sautee mushrooms.  Nice presentation and a big slab of salmon.  I must say it is well worth the price we paid.  I tasted the salmon and it is nice.  Mildly seasoned and baked to a nice finishing texture.  When we ordered, we were warned before hand that the salmon will be a little “undercooked” in the centre aka like steak cooked medium rare.  I thought what audacity for them to mention this because my friend is a true-blue salmon connoisseur.  So we know what a good baked salmon will be.  Several years ago, we went to the Shatec restaurant once and had salmon, and was told why it was cooked that way.  So we were never surprised when we were served a well-(under)cooked salmon.  (Hello, table manners mind you!).  But I guess that’s maybe because a lot of people might have complained so the service staff just wanted to pre-empt customers.   Nice job, but in the end, the salmon wasn’t soft and pink in the centre as was expected though.

Total bill came up to $71.80.  A little hefty I must say, but we were both very full from all the food.  The restaurant can be full on week nights so may be better to call for reservations.  I think I will come back again for a happy hour drink before adjourn to dinner.  They sides are really awesome and worth ordering a few while knocking back some beers.

Table Manners
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-68/69 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038
Contact Number: 6604-7669
Open Daily: 11am to 12 midnight

Click on to read more……

???????????????????????????????Mushroom Fritter and Ebiko Mussels

We both agreed that the snack platter were just as great, if not better than the main course we ordered.  I remember when TGIF was at Park Mall, their deep-fried button mushrooms were tops!  And the mushroom fritters we good because the mushroom is big and has a smooth texture when you bite into it, and the crust was so crisp.  The mussels were better when it was still warm as the baked cheese on top is still soft.  We think it will be really great to have beer and have these finger food along with it.

???????????????????????????????Chicken Quesadilla

I believed this are chicken cut into cubes and stuffed into tortillas with cheese.  As I mentioned earlier this definitely is my favourite.  I never really though a thin slice of quesadilla can be so satisfying and I wish to have more.

???????????????????????????????Zesty Wings

As the name suggests, the wings are very well marinated with probably lime or lemon.  So the wings are playful on the tastebud.  The skin is slightly crisp from the baking.  Although not my favourite, but I still think it is praiseworthy for its special taste and a good choice for a happy hour snack with drinks.

Plenty of outdoor seats but do reserve if you want to sit in air-conditioned comfort.

Table Manners
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-68/69 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038
Contact Number: 6604-7669
Open Daily: 11am to 12 midnight

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