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Singapore Food Festival 2013 June 5, 2013

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Foodies listen up!  The upcoming Singapore Food Festival 2013 will bring to you local culinary delights from 12 to 21 July 2013 at Bay Front Avenue at Marina Bay.  This 10 days festival will bring to you Singapore Favourite Food Village (SFFV) held in conjunction of the 20th anniversary of Singapore Food Festival.  Isn’t that something to look forward to?

As part of the media trail that we attended, we visited several food stores in the west to sample some of the local delights as well as to pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of our cuisine.

???????????????????????????????Chinese Rojak

I always wonder if the chinese rojak is a uniquely Singapore dish because I have never tasted it abroad before.  Rojak means “mixed” in Malay hence the dish is a tossed salad of different ingredients of dough fritters (you tiao), beancurd skin (tau pok) and vegetables like bean sprouts, turnip, sliced pineapple and cucumber.  To lend some taste to the dish, most will add fruits such as mango, rose apple and green apple to tickle the taste buds.  All the ingredients are then tossed in a special sauce made of prawn paste, chilli, tamarind and lime or lemon juice.  Most stores also allow additional dried cuttlefish and century eggs as additional condiments to further enhance the dish.

The store which we visited in Clementi is probably one of the oldest pioneer rojak store surviving in Singapore with a rich history of serving chinese rojak to customers for 48 years!  If you do anything for 48 years, you can be assured that it is good.

Ri Ye Xiang Rojak
Blk 450 Clementi
Avenue 3, Kopitiam, Singapore 120450
Open daily: 3pm to 11pm

???????????????????????????????Oyster Omelette

Just like the chinese rojak, there are few variants of oyster omelette.  There’s the true oyster omelette with just eggs, and the other variant with flour.  It can be cooked in different way to give this dish different texture.  Every store you visit will only cook one style, you can dictate for the level of crispiness as you would customise your cup of milk tea from Koi.  The version we had was a cakey kind where you can taste the egg and the flour they used.  There’s also another style where the whole dish is so crispy, it is like eating a cracker!   In many local dish, the sauce they used were as important as the main food itself.  So the chilli plays an important part especially to taper the taste of the oysters.

Leng Kee BBQ
51 Upper Bukit Timah
Road, Bukit Timah Market Stall 144, Singapore 588215
Open daily: 3pm to 11pm

???????????????????????????????Sambal Sting Ray

Little did we know the story behind the sambal sting ray despite having eaten this many times.  Do you know that we only eat the wings; or fins; of the sting ray?  In the older days, when the fishermen catch a sting ray, they will toss it back to the sea.  It was much later that Malay fishermen discovered the juicy, fleshy wonder of the sting ray when cooked in curry and coconut masala.  It is the Chinese that adapted by grilled the fish on top of banana leaf, and topping it with loads of sambal chilli.  The sambal stingray which we tried was grilled to perfection and very succulent.  Particularly loved the sambal which is not overly spicy and yet full of aroma of the spices used.

Star Yong Kwang BBQ Seafood
120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-04 Alexandra Village Food Centre, Singapore 150120
Open daily: 4pm to 11pm
Stall owner: Mr Eng Boon Har

???????????????????????????????“Gangster” Durian-Mango Ice

Gangster is the dish indeed because it toys with your taste buds, together with the pungent smell of durian and aroma of the mango.  The name “gangster” really derived from the playful use of chinese words “榴莲” and “芒果” resulting in 流氓冰.  This is probably a signature dish of the dessert store that we visited.  In fact, the word “gangster” is a registered trademark.  How’s that for a hawker dessert store? If you think a shaved ice dessert dish is simple to prepare, you can be very wrong because the creation of this particular gangster dessert took the proprietor a lot of time to research and trail and error to perfect their desserts.  This shaved ice with a scope of durian and topped with condensed milk as well as cubes of mango is such a sweet delight to end off the meal.  Must try, must try!

Jin Jin Dessert
6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-20
ABC Brickworks Market /Food Centre, Singapore150008
Open daily: 12pm – 12am
Stall owners: Calvin Ho, Ewan Tang

Come savour the local food from 20 voted favourites store voted from online polls.  The unique village style festival will also feature another 20 other popular eateries.  Be spoilt for choices to feast on local favourites like chilli crabs, carrot cake, poh piah, hokkien prawn mee, ngor hiang, tau huay and many more….

Get 5% rebate with the limited edition Singapore Favourite Food 2013 FlashPay Card

To make food purchases as hassle-free and convenient as possible, the Singapore Favourite Food Village is going cashless by partnering with NETS. Just buy a limited edition Singapore Favourite Food 2013 FlashPay Card at $12 ($5 non-refundable card cost and $7 stored value). This card offers users 5% rebate* till June 2014 at all food and beverage outlets island-wide. It will be available for sale at all TransitLink Ticket offices from June 2013.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Singapore Food Festival 2013
12-21 July 2013
Bay Front Avenue (in front of Bay Front MRT station)
Open daily: 11am – 11pm
Admission is Free



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7. Bali Tour - November 6, 2013

wow, that food look amazing
i would love to try it when i visit it 🙂

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