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Jellyfish at S.E.A. Aquarium @ Resort World Singapore, Sentosa May 29, 2013

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Visiting a theme park is like flipping the pages of your textbook.   Without proper planning, you may not maximize your enjoyment or learning from the trip. Just like going to Gardens by the Bay, you may want to “research” a little and know what to expect. You can dive into the Marine Life Park page or return to my blog as I am planning to blog more about the S.E.A. Aquarium.


The S.E.A. aquarium is a world of wonder and amazement. You can find oceanarium creatures to those that live in shallow waters like in mangroves. To categories broadly, you can expect the following themes:

  1. Straits of Karimata & Java Sea
  2. Straits of Malacca & Andaman Sea
  3. Bay of Bengal & Laccadive Sea
  4. Ocean Journey
  5. Open Ocean
  6. Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea
  7. Red Sea
  8. East Africa
  9. South China Sea
  10. Shark Seas

The Resort World Singapore brings the world’s ocean right at our door step.  There are just too many things to blog about in one go, so I will start from the one that captures my fascination the most – the JELLY FISH.


There’s just something mystical, alluring and magical about the jellyfish.  As I stare at them, I imagine that they are from outer space.  As their colour changes due to the changes in lighting, from red to blue to green to purple…. they seems to be intelligent aliens having the ability to change their colors.  With each breathe, they float away; upwards, downwards or sideways.  Every move is so graceful as if you are watching  ballet dancers.


Jelly fish are composed of 90% water (humans are about 50% water).  Their mass is mostly a gelatinous material wrapped around by two layers of cells to form their main umbrella shape.  Jellyfish are dioecious, which means they are both male and female.  To reproduce, they release their eggs and sperm to the surrounding water and unprotected eggs are fertilised and mature into new organisms.


Jellyfish looks so beautiful but they are very venomous.  More humans are killed by jellyfish than sharks yearly.   As an example, the venom in a box jellyfish can kill up to 60 people.


Jellyfish dates even further than the dinosaurs as they were there even when no dinosaurs existed in planet earth.   The biggest jellyfish ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles were as long as half the length of a football field!   When jellyfish swim in large groups, it is known as a bloom.   Every year, during blooms, the seas of Japan get filled with over 500 million jellyfish as large as the size of a refrigerator.  The growth of Jellyfish never stops.

S.E.A. Aquarium
Resorts World Sentosa
Daily, 10am – 7pm
Last admission 6.30pm
Admission Fee
Adult: $29, Child/Senior: $20
Preview of next coverage for S.E.A Aquarium >>>


One must be patient when checking out the dolphins.  When I was at the Open Oceanarium, I told my friends that I actually saw 6-8 dolphins swimming in the water.  She couldn’t believe it as she said she saw only 1.  So we U-turn and went back for more.  The dolphins are so cute and loveable as they swam slowly and sneak up to us very near the glass panel.  Each time they do so, the crowd will go “WOW’.  Kinda amazing.  Will share more pictures and information about the Dolphins soon.

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