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Saveur French Casual Dining @ Purvis Street (Bugis) May 8, 2013

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Saveur boast a french casual dining concept to bring affordable French food to the masses.  It has been very succesful in doing so as after its debut for more than one year, you can still see a noticeable queue forming outside its restaurant at Purvis Street, despite the fact that it has since opened a new outlet at Far East Plaza.  As they don’t take reservations, therefore be prepared to queue at least 30 minutes; or more if you have a party bigger than 4.

Saveur Casual French DiningMushroom Cappuccino $4.90

There’s no doubt this is a cappuccino as it is served on a cup instead of a bowl. You can even see bubbles on top of the soup. Not sure if it is made that way as in one stage such “molecular dining” is very trendy amongst the chef. But you still consume from a spoon rather than drinking from the cup. Mushroom soup is rich in taste and something worth ordering.

Saveur Casual French DiningDuck Salad $5.90

The duck salad surprises me with the uniform coat of Saveur homemade lemon vinaigrette dressing on the green leafy mesclun. For the price, it is definitely very value for money. The shredded duck confit is a tad dry but goes well with the greens. I love the quail eggs which were done with a runny egg yolk. The cherry tomatoes and orange segment adds more flavour to the salad.  A very lovely salad good to share or have it on its own.

Saveur Casual French DiningConfit of Duck $10.90

If there is any reason why their long queue even after opening for more than 1 year must be their confit of duck. For that price, you can taste a duck as good as (or even better) than what a high-end french restaurant can offer you. My friend his girlfriend both love it. The meat is surprisingly tender and tasty while maintaining the slight crisp at the skin. The duck leg is resting on a bed of potato gratin that you can taste little bits of potatoes, giving it some texture along the taste. I hold a high opinion of this confit of duck and will recommend my friends if they visit Saveur.

Saveur Casual French DiningChicken Roulade $9.90

I had a chicken roulade served with creamy basmati rice.  The roulade of chicken thigh is stuffed with foie gras-infused chicken farce which has quite a unique taste.  I like the rich creamy basmati rice with a grainy texture.  Apparently you can order a separate basmati rice at $2.

Saveur Casual French DiningTexture of Citrus $6.90

This Texture of Citrus’ highlight the blood orange jelly with orange granite which has a soft and smooth texture.  You can also taste some freeze-dried pineapples, citrus segments & lime zest which is very sour, but not too sour to dislike it.  Some crispy bits of feuilletine is sprinkled across the dessert to give it some crunch.  Very creative and well thought out dessert but could do with simplifying the presentation.

Saveur Casual French DiningPanna Cotta $6.90

The final dessert; which taste very different from the texture of citrus; is the pistachio-flavoured cooked cream panna cotta.  This dessert boost  a very rich and unique creamy taste.  Once you dig into it, there’s a lot of the ground and caramelised pistachio enhancing the flavour of the cream.  Really yummy.

With a very good experience this dinner, I will definitely come again.  Maybe for a change I should visit their branch in Far East Plaza and see if it is up to its standard of Purvis Street (Bugis) outlet.

Saveur  @ Bugis
5 Purvis Street
Talib Court #01-04
Singapore 188584
Tel: +65 6333-3121
Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 2.15pm, 6pm to 9.30pm
Sunday:  6pm to 9pm



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