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Pow Sing Kitchen @ Serangoon Gardens May 1, 2013

Posted by gurkhason in food, photos, singapore.

If you have never been to Pow Sing, you don’t know what good stuff you are missing out. There are two Pow Sing in Serangoon Gardens and they are located in the same row of shophouses. One is a restaurant, the other one is the kitchen… perhaps not so literally. Basically Pow Sing Kitchen is like a young cousin of Pow Sing Restaurant. It is smaller and serve just about the same dish but at more wallet friendly prices. The main highlight of Pow Sing will actually be their chicken rice dish. But you can savour other good hainanese treat at Pow Sing.


Half chicken ($13) picture here. I actually prefer white chicken, but roasted chicken is more popular in Pow Sing.


Roast Pork and Char Siew ($15). I really like the roast pork here because it is done in a very traditional way.  The skin has just the right amount of crispiness but yet a little bit chewy.  The bottom of the roast pork has the distinctive spices flavour used to marinate the pork.  Most of the roast pork you eat these days don’t have that traditional flavour but Pow Sing retains that flavour.  The char siew is also well done with a balanced flavour of sweetness and tenderness of the meat.


Famous Prawn Fritters ($10).  I demanded that we ordered this dish because prawn fritters is one of my favourite.  This beancurd roll with minced meat and prawns has to be steamed before it is deep-fried.  I love the crunch of the water chestnut and prawns.  Sinful but delightful.


Stir Fried Kai Lan with Garlic ($8).  A small dish of kai lan to complement all the meat dishes.

Altogether there are 5 of us who dined at Pow Sing and that’s all we have (rice was not included in the pictures above).  It was a hearty meal and total cost was $65.60 including a drink for each of us.  Strongly recommend if you are in the Serangoon Gardens area and would like to eat in air-con comfort.

Pow Sing Kitchen
59 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555961
Tel: +65 6284-0800
Open daily: 10am – 9pm



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