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Morning Walk at Pasir Ris Park April 23, 2013

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I have been to the Pasir Ris Park several times and I must say I enjoyed it more than the other coastal parks in East Coast or Changi because it is less crowded and more interesting.  There is less of sandy beaches but it’s compensated with very lush greenery.   Hence, Pasir Ris park offers a different experience to park goers.  Children will also love it alot as there is a huge playground.  Few days ago, I was also with a friend who shared some photography tips with me.


We were at this swampy area that is near to the canal leading towards the sea.  There were people taking pictures of the birds there.  It was quite a sight.  As we were walking from the main road towards the park, the birds were making so much noise and I reckon there must be an estimated 100 or even more birds.  I heard that this area is going to be reclaimed and feel that it will be such a shame.  Where would the birds go to?  Aren’t we (Singapore) are trying to be greener?  I managed to capture a bird in flight and love the blue sky.


There were many tall shady trees in the park.  Isn’t it amazing that the trees can branch out so widely and carrying so much leaves at the same time.  Look at them?  I wonder how they are so strong and could withstand some really nasty wind.  These trees are however not very old (as I infer from the trunk).  I  have a friend who works in NParks and I wonder if she could give me more information.


Palm trees are a natural sight near the beach coast.  My friend taught me this composition technique call “lead in”.  There you see, the trunk of the palm tree comes in from the left corner, leading from the corner to the actual picture.  My explaination may not sound technical at all but that’s the essence of it.  Don’t you love the blue sky?


I really wish I could take a better picture of this.  Look at the leaves which are yellow.  Is this a mini flame of the forest?  There were birds resting on the trees but I couldn’t capture them.  I wish I have a tripod and super zoom lens to be able to shoot them.  I liked that the yellow is in contrast with the greens and loved how the park benches appear in the background.  I should learn to compose this picture better.


One of my favourite subject is a gazebo.  They are really lovely as they provide shade and become really useful when the rain falls suddenly.  One of my favourite is actually the Band Stand at the Botanics Gardens.  I love this nonetheless.  You see some leaves above the gazebo.  I like to compose like this as it breaks the montony of the sky and give more life to the picture.  Otherwise the gazebo will be really lonely.


That’s a great meadow we have surrounded by the trees.  I love the greens, but wished the sky could be more blue in the picture.  I think I should just practise more.  Wish I have more time to visit the park like I do today.


It is not hard to find interesting ideas to shoot at the park.  Look at how the roots of the trees spread out.  What do you think is the purpose for them to do so?  As you can see, there are quite a few tents pitched at the park.  Sometimes I reckon I won’t mind a leisurely day beside the sea and just rot the time away, just like a vacation.  Makes me feel like hitting the stores and buy one of those tents I see so often at the park.


Towards the end of the walk, we saw this really cute little garfield cat.  Wasn’t very friendly, or maybe it is just shy.  It was lashed to a tree by the owner who are having a great picnic time.  For some reason I love the picture because the focus seems to be soft (not deliberate) and the cat face is quite focus.  Do you feel that the cat is going to pounce on you?

That concludes the walk today and hope to visit the park real soon again so that I can practise more and improve on my shooting skills.



1. 365days2play - May 17, 2013

No I feel the cat is trying to pull away from the leash. Nice Park pictures.

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