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The Moluccas Room @ Marina Bay Sands March 24, 2013

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I had dinner with my aunt at The Moluccas Room @ Marina Bay Sands for the Restaurant Week on Saturday.  You probably can’t have a clue of what kind of cuisine it serves.  The Moluccas Room actually whips up a modern Indonesian cusine and a fine cross with the french fine dining style.


The restaurant is situated at the level 1 of Marina Bay Sands with a perfect waterfront view of Singapore financial district.  Defintely an A+ especially when the night starts to fall and the lights from the towering building starts to glitter.  The tables were set in its fine dining pristine and very yet very Indonesian woodiness with its brown chairs.  Its calm, relaxing and sophisicated at the same time.

The restaurant week is a fixed menu at $40++ per pax.  There is a choice of the entree and mains, but there is no choice for the dessert.  It comes with a softdrink (coke or sprite).  The restaurant does not serve ice-water, so you either have to have still or sparkling water.



Shredded simmered duck infused in Balinese flavoured grilled pineapple and mixed vegetables

Basically this is a dish of indonesian salad with shredded duck.  Being true to the Indonesian cuisine, it is bursting with the traditional spicies you would taste in an indonesian dish.  I reckon string beans are not a common ingredients to use in a french cuisine but is definitely a common vegetable in Indonesian salad. (like the Gado-Gado).  The string beans which are hard and crunchy give you sometime to chew about in this dish.


Savoury prawn in Tofu Blanquette flavoured with aromatic herbs and sweet potato

My aunt says that in a typical indonesian cuisine, they dishes tend to be sweet and they cook a lot of dishes deep-fried.  This tofu prawn dish described exactly the same.  Deep fried and accompanied with a sweet sauce.  The tofu which were bland were indeed with alot of herbs giving it a unique flavour.  The prawns though were really dry after all the frying.

Grilled marinated chicken in fragrance lemon shrimp paste
When my main was served, you can’t really imagine my disappointment.  I didn’t expect that my main will look like a normal dish I will get from a regular food court.  It comes with the marinated chicken and some vegetables which I believed to be sweet potatoes leaves.  Although I am a fan of curry and chill-spiciness, I still find the sauce a tad too spciy for my liking.  Though the chicken was very tender and succulent.


Steamed seabass wrapped with Indonesian spicies, basil and lemongrass essence.

My aunt would have the seabass cooked in a very traditional Indonesian way.  I had a sample of it and it is very tasty and infused with all the great Indonesian spicies.  The portion of the fish was very generous.  The companionts are freshly cooked vegetables of eggplant, french beans and onions non-spicy.  They were better compared to the mushy green leaves I had.


Refreshing spicy rich chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of our home-made ice-cream

Finally for the dessert, we have a chocolate cake with ice-cream.  The first thing I mopped up was the ice-cream because it was a small scoope and was starting to melt away.  It doesn’t really taste anything spectacular.  I was hoping to have some chendol or gula melaka flavour.  The cake was good as it was served warm and is slightly crusty on the outside just the way I like it.  As we tucked into the cake, I realised it was spicy and confirmed it with the waiter; who wasn’t very knowledgable of what kind of spices was used in this dessert.  But it was a good spicy chocolate cake which my aunt, who isn’t a big fan of sweet stuff managed to finish the quite big portion of the cake.

Overall, the meal was satisfying.  The service was tops, except that the service crew were clueless of what they were serving.  You can really blame a bunch of guys with “Trainee” as their name tags.  The food was a tad disappointing for what to be expected from a restaurant week restaurant.  However the spectacular waterfront view compensates for the lack in taste.

Notwithstanding, I think I would still come back.  The ala carte menu looks rather inviting and I would like to try some of the stuff in the menu.  Maybe it is just that the Restaurant Week menu was a little unfortunate.

2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-81 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688-7367
Open daily
Lunch 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner 6.30pm



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