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Review 2012 December 31, 2012

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new year 2012

Certainly, the year 2012 passes very quickly.  If I could pull the rein, I would definitely have slowed things down a little so as to enjoy the sweetness of this present year just a little bit longer.  It has been a fruitful year, and certainly wish 2013 continue the same, if not even better.

First, looking back at the new year resolution I have made in 2012:

  1. FAILED.  I shouldn’t find excuses for myself.  I am just plain lazy.  My gym is just opposite to my office but I just can’t get my act together and go to the gym.  Many times I wanted to go before work but just couldn’t wake up in time to do that.  I almost always find excuses like I didn’t want to perspire so much when I reach my branch office, or being lethargic towards the end of the day.  After work, I almost find myself too tired, or too hungry, or even stomach too full to hit the gym.  So in the end, I didn’t lose the weight I wanted.  This will remain as my resolution for 2013.
  2. FAILED.  I am short of 8 books to reach the 18 I set for myself.  My excuse:  I have been spending too much time on work.  Which I would rationalise it because starting work in a new environment is challenging and it does takes the time away.
  3. ACHIEVED.  Net wealth did increase although not through investment returns but prudent savings and good investment plan.  Was also augmented from the bonus that I received from work.  I added two insurance savings plan into my portfolio and added a term insurance.  I also embarked on a focus savings plan by diverting a portion of my salary (for liquidity) to a seperate bank account and started a regular monthly investment plan.  Some are reaping good returns.
  4. NA, or ACHIEVED.  As I switched to a new workplace, so this goal seems to be not applicable.  Notwithstanding if measuring the target I have definitely achieved this goal. 
  5. ACHIEVED.  Well, the blog is started.  Somehow the interest dwindled and it kinda come to a standstill.  So it is this time that I decided to start all over again.  Writing a blog is good as I can practise my writing skills.  My work does not require this skill so I should aim to write more so that it doesn’t turn too rusty.  While I didn’t start a journal per se, but I did start on my diary which I am writing religiously.  I can see a lot of changes from the time I started till now.  I have more ideas, and more expressive and the length seems to be getting longer by the day.

Overall, it is 3/5.  Pretty decent achievement, would you say? 

Some key highlights in 2012:

  1. New Employment. Left my previous awful and traumatic employment to join my current new workplace.  I have a good boss and nice colleagues who are very helpful and very giving to my demanding ways.  Joining this new workplace is one my best career decision.
  2. Holidaying.  Went on two holiday vacations on last quarter of the year.  Was on holiday to Vietnam with two ex-colleagues and after my reservist continued with another vacation with my schoolmate and his wife to Bangkok.  First time I travelled to two different places in such short period.  Particularly the Bangkok trip is a very last minute decision.  Unlike the past, this time I did a lot of shopping in Bangkok and tailored a suit specially for my BFF wedding.
  3. Volunteering.  Fell in love with Gardens by the Bay and decided to volunteer with them.  Currently I am active volunteering for visitor service at conservatories.  I like their volunteer management (compared to other VWOs) and also learnt a great deal from volunteering with them.  It is something I want to continue to commit myself to.
  4. Shbam as new passion. Started going to Shbam class at Fitness First.  It became my new passion and has kept me going to the gym.  I enjoyed the dance class a lot because it is cardio enough and yet not too tedious.  I have come to know a lot of songs through attending the classes and now I have close to 100 tracks of songs in my iPod that I love listening to them.  There are so many songs I love like Scream (Usher), Dance Again (J Lo), Titanium (David Guetta) and Super Bass (Nicky Minaj) just to name a few.
  5. A few good buys.  Bought a Olympus compact system camera (with interchangeable lens).  Trying to improve on my photography skills.  Although I have not really learnt how to handle it but will look forward to the course in Jan 2013.  Also finally got myself an andriod phone.  Purchased Samsung Note II LTE because iPhone was out-of-stock and reckoned I wanted to see what the rave is all about with Samsung phone.  Ended up I might have preferred the simplicity of the iPhone but loved the big screen of Samsung for an ultimate browsing and video watching experience.  If you consider service a buy, I just went to the dentist after many years of not going to one.  I treat it as a good buy as it will improve on my oral hygiene and now i have a whiter smile.  I always see this in Fitness First and I think it is very true. “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going!”




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