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Limited Edition Lakerol Case August 10, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in buy.

There are some things that money can’t buy and this hard acrylic case from Lakerol is one of them.  Lakerol has been my favourite sweet and when I saw that they are giving away the hard case, I put one of them onto the trolley.  And it only cost $3.60 so the case is absolutely FREE.  I think this package deal is even cheaper than the original sweet itself.  So it is a deal.

The design of the case is just as the original box.  It comes with a little catch that help keeps the contents of the box.  You just to insert the flip top of the box and tucked it into the two round catch and viola!  You have the sweet in the box.

The case is really a fantastic idea and I lay my hands on it in lightning speed because many times when I keep the box of sweet in my bag, the contents tends to spill out.  This is because the paper catch isn’t very strong so when there’s too much movement in the bag, the flip opens and the contents fall off.  These little sweets are quite sticky and can be a nusiance if my bag is keep in a warmer place without air-conditioning.  One of my female colleague also rushed to NTUC to buy one because her box tends to squash in her handbag.  So this hardy case should solve the problem.

Well, this really goes to show how packaging design is a crucial aspect of product marketing.  However cost is one major factor to consider.  Imagine if all the packaging are in hard boxes, the sweet probably won’t be so cheap!  In fact, the current packaging already is one of the best in the market and more sturdy then other brands.  Just that this tactical promotion really does the trick.  And keeping a case will constantly remind me to buy another pack of Lakerol when it runs out.  Clever of the marketeer!

There are four different colors for their different flavours.  So do lay your hands on one before they run out.  Available at NTUC at only $3.60 its really a steal.



1. 365days2play - August 22, 2012

12 days without posting! Tsk.

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