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Choupinette @ Bukit Timah August 9, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in food.

Happy birthday Singapore!  As Singapore celebrates its 47th birthday, few of my friends decided on a brunch at Choupinette at Bukit Timah.  I was amazed because all of them had pulled out all stops to make it to the brunch.  One had stayed up late whole of last night at Arab Street chilling out with her friend andonly  just got home before coming over to brunch.  Another actually came from a holiday chalet with her friends.  The third drank 2 bottles of wine last night and only got back home at 3 plus in the morning.  I guess I am the only one who headed home after gym and dinner and slept early last night… in anticipation for the early morning (10.30am) brunch at Bukit Timah!

Choupinette!  What a quaint little place.  That’s why we actually have to wait at the queue for a good 45 minutes before being ushered to our seat.  The restaurant don’t accept any reservations unless there is at least 6 in the party.  Perhaps its the National Day so there is a bigger crowd.

Remember how I mentioned that I love big bench dinner table?  They do have it stashed at a corner of the cafe restaurant.  But we were not seated there but that’s ok.  Maybe another time.  The place is really cosy and have a great atmosphere.  The patrons are from all walks of life.  We have the ang moh foreigners who are also attracted to this petitte little place, families, and large and small groups of friends and couples.  Perhaps because it is smaller so it is not as noisy as other establishments.  So it is really a cool place to hang out.

I had the Egg Florentine which is a healthier version of the usual Eggs Benedict.  This is poached eggs with spinach and Hollandaise sauce.  I loved the toasted bread that comes with the set.  It is very well toasted and crispy on the side and fluffy.  Reminds me of how a good french bread should be.  I was very impressed with the bread.  Then the next delight that hits me is the hollandaise sauce.  It is so buttery, creamy and ultra good – resulting in me mopping it up.  My only gripe is that one of the poached eggs is not good enough as it is over-cooked.  I would have like it if it is a little runny, as a good poached egg should be.

My friend has Egg Royal which is poached eggs with smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce.  Egg Royal is probably $1 more than Egg Florentine but I think it is very worth it because it comes with; as you can see; a very generous portion of smoked salmon.  Superb for salmon fan.  Generally my friend have the same situation with the poached egg.  She poked her fork into second egg she has and nothing flows out.  So it was a tad of a disappointment!

Another two friends had The English Coq.  It comes with a choice of scrambled, fried or poached eggs.  Both choosed scrambled.  There’s also tomato, toasted wholemeal bread, and sauteed mushrooms and a choice sausage of either pork or chicken.  I tried the eggs are they are very well done.  Still wet and tasted creamy and eggy the way I like it.  The bread was also good and crispy on the outside.  Goes very well with the entire set.

Each set actually comes with a choice juice and a hot drink.  You can’t subsitute the hot or cold drinks which is quite restrictive.  The price tag is about $20 per set which is pretty okay considering there is coffee ($5 on menu) and juice ($3 on menu).


607 Bukit Timah Rd

Singapore 269708

Tel:  6466 0613



1. 365days2play - August 9, 2012

It is a cardinal sin if the yolks are not flowy!

2. sybaritica - August 11, 2012

I’m not fond of poached, but smoked salmon and eggs sounds like a lovely combination…. maybe scrambled with green onion??

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