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McCafe Caramel Banana Frappe August 8, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in food.

I have grown past the age of having a ice-cold blended drink.  So mostly is a hot latte or brewed coffee or tea during my visit to the cafe, but I couldn’t resist trying the POWER combination of caramel and banana.  Both my favourite!  I have such sweet tooth that I will go bananas with anything that has caramel.  One of my favourite fruit is banana because it is convenient to eat.  You peel, you eat!

The frappe is such a deadly combination.  The banana flavour is very pronunced which is a delight for me.  The entire beverage itself is very refreshing and has chucky bites of chocolate chips.  Although the banana taste is strong but you can still taste the caramel sweetness which is mild.  I can’t decide if I would like it sweeter but the frappe has just the right balance of taste.  In recent years, McDonald’s has came up with quite a few drinks both in their McCafe and regular restaurant.  I have wrote about the Himalayan Tea Latte previously, they also came up with smoothies at their regular restaurant in two flavours.  I wasn’t so fascinated with the smoothie itself, but rather how the entire process of how the smoothie is “manufactured”.

I have not had McDonald’s beef burger for a long while and when I bite into it, it brings me all the memories of the goodness of the beef burger.  I like that there is fresh onions on the burger, but would have been more contented if there are more quantities.  I’m quite into fresh onions in my burgers or sandwiches.  Two slices of cheese on the single patty beef burger is superb because it helps to take away the beefy flavour as the patty is thicker compared to the normal beef patty.  A quarter pounder has 113.4g pre-cooked weight of beef.

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