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Singapore Botanic Gardens August 5, 2012

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The iconic landmark of Botanic Gardens.  The Band Stand.

It is not a very practical thing to visit the garden in Singapore with our hot and humid weather.  But you will be surprise that there are actually many visitors particularly in the more cooling hours of the day.  When I was at the Botanic Gardens the other day, I saw quite a number of people jogging and people doing their morning exercise, parents pushing the stroller and adults walking their dogs.  It really is a leisurely thing to do, especially in a country as urbanised as ours.  At least we are surrounded by the nature’s greens and shades of the tree.  Although one may be perspiring but it really beats roaming about in the malls and spending money.  You see, when you go to the garden it is free and you actually get to sweat it out – which is good for the body.

While I was walking towards the Ginger Garden, I heard some oriental music and reckoned someone must be practising qing-gong.  I was wrong.  There are a few people who were practising their fan dance.  I stopped to watch for a moment.  It was evokes a nice feeling because I remember when I was walking the parts in China or Vietnam, I always see their folks doing some exercise with music.  So this brings some fond memories.

By 9am, the park is already rousing with a lot of visitors.  Other than the foreign visitors and the local resident’s committee organising a walk-about, there are also leisure visitors who pushed about their stroller.  I wonder why they are here for?  I remember when I was really young like 5 or 6, my parents will bring us to the garden to play.  I couldn’t really remember actually… but there were the evidences of the garden visits to Toa Payoh and Chinese Gardens from the photographs.  (I even wore same T-shirts and my other two sisters.  How cute!)

It is a common sight that people walk their dogs.  There are plenty of shades in the garden actually.  But people should not be afraid to sweat it out seriously because I always think breaking out a sweat is good for the body.  The trees at the botanic garden is older and more mature so they provide more shades compare to the younger trees at Gardens by the Bay.

This is the beautiful gate at the Tanglin entrance.  Many visitors actually take a picture of the gate which incidentally is closed.  I was recently corrected by a friend that the garden is called “Botanic Gardens” and not “Botanical Gardens”.  I believe many of my friends also known it as botanical gardens.  I wonder where this really came from.  Will someone enlighten me?  I have googled to no avail.

Nonetheless, I found a very interesting blog Times of My Life which gives some histroical perspective of our Botanic Gardens.  Do click on the link to read on.



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