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Because Fitness First… August 1, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in gym, life.

Woohoo!  It has been 10 months since I joined the Fitness First gym already.  There is a chinese saying that “time flies like an arrow”.  I have been on gym membership for many years already but my lack of discipline means I am really throwing the money away because I have not lose even 10 pounds since I started the gym many years ago.  I used to sign up with California Fitness but decided against it when my last membership expires because they only have 4 clubs and the nearest club to my home is Bugis and it is far away.  It was a good thing I didn’t sign up California because usually after paying a lump sum, you probably forget about it after several months… so you stop going to the gym and there goes the hard-earned money… which explains pretty much why gym are making money despite the cheap membership.

Well, there are other reasons beyond the above but let’s put it that Fitness First has got 11 clubs across the island, and they are opening another club in Marina Bay Financial Centre!  Some clubs also have swimming pool facility which is an added edge because I simply love swimming.  I very much want tocomplement my work out with a swim but it hasn’t really quite materialise.  But one day, I shall do this.  I can’t decide which pool is the nicest because they have their own distinct character.  I love the One George Street Club pool because you have a nice view of the City Hall and Marina Bay district.  Just stashing out at the pool deck is very relaxing as there will be a constant breeze blowing into your face; that is if you really like it.

Anyway back to my 10 months with Fitness First.  You know how people usually stop going to the gym after a while because things can get a little boring.  Although I have to contest that one can really get to know friends; particularly if you join the Group-X classes regularly.  Anyway, I am finally admitted to the First Club – a special membership that allows loyal members (like myself) to bring a friend to work out together during the weekends at all clubs.  This is a plus because having a regular gym buddy is very helpful to motivate me; or rather drag my body to the gym…. especially when things get a little too cosy at home.  I have to start planning to entice friends to work out with me.

Another special feature of the First Club is that you get a little booklet where you can earn stamps when you go for each Group-X class.  You can ask for a “chop” and once you receive 50 or 100 of such stamps, you can get to exchange for exclusive Fitness First merchandise.  How cool is that?  This will certainly motivates me to do more classes on a regular basis.  I’m starting to plan what classes to do already!

There are actually many fun classes to do.  But really takes a lot of motivation to kick start a habit and stick to it.  This really requires a lot of discipline.  For few months, I was actually attending the Body Balance class (combination of Tai Ji, Pilates, Yoga & Meditation) frequently but work got the better of me and I stopped going.  Although I didn’t lose weight because of attending the class, but my body felt good with the work out.

I used to do a lot of Step classes when I was with California, and I really enjoyed it so much because I made many friends and also see myself upgrading from beginners to intermediate to advance class.  You wouldn’t believe the kind of twist and turns and dance grooves I could make in class.  I may have a video to prove it.  The Body Step classes in Fitness First are not as interesting as California but I can still break up a sweat doing it.

An interesting class in Fitness First is Sh’Bam – a hip hop kind of dancing and aerobics class.  I remember every class I go to is so fun, energetic and lively and you won’t remember you are actually working out.

There are also other interesting classes like Body Attack – a really demanding workout; at least to my standards.  But despite how interesting it is the most important thing is really to commit myself to it.

Afterall the motivation to pay for a premium gym membership is so that I can utilise it.  I remember telling myself that I ought to take more proactive approach to my health.  So what if I am paying more almost 20% of my salary on health and life insurance but I don’t take an effort to improve on my health and fitness.  There is no real benefit shall I really need lay a claim on the insurance.  So the surest way is still through a regular gym routine to improve my fitness and hopefully to also lose 40 pounds.  (As per one of my forty by 40).

Because Fitness First, I shall sworn to a regular gym routine as I had planned when I started to gym membership.  It is never too late to start isn’t it? Who is with me?



1. 365days2play - August 2, 2012

I didn’t get the stamp booklet!!!

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Because Fitness First

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