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Rupiah Millionaire Retreat – Part II July 25, 2012

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Time flies.  It is almost a month since the rupiah millionaire retreat that I had with my ex-colleagues at Turi Beach Resort, Batam.  I realised that it is one of the more popular resort because I just got to know if a friend that has been there, and another friend is going there 2 weekends later.  It is a charming little place I would say and there I see more people doing sea sports than I was when I’m at Bintan.

After stashing out at Tampines Mall Burger King for breakfast, we headed to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.  After collecting our boarding passes at the ticket booth we were all set and ready to go to Batam.  It is a really wonderful feeling to be with a bunch of good friends and going on a holiday.  Did I mention this was actually my first forty by 40 that I’ve completed.  Cheers to that.

Our very first group shot which really begin the whole cam whoring affair.  Everyone is afraid of holding the camera because whoever holds the camera has the face nearest and hence biggest.  Morgan is brave enough to do so.  This is Xinzi favourite group photo of the trip.

We didn’t manage to check into the rooms immediately until after lunch.  Most of us were quite pleased with the rooms.  We picked one of the rooms as a common room, a place which we will trash and a meeting point.  As quite a few had played mahjong the night before and others with late night KTV, so we K.O. and slept on the bed.  This was the photo which we took before knocking out.

After some movie on HBO, we decided to get out and have some sun.  So we headed to the sea sports centre which is just in front of our hotel.

After we don the life jackets, we rushed into the sea to take a photo.  This is my favourite photo of trip; although we left out two participants which didn’t want to get wet.  I loved the red and blue colour of the jackets.  And each of us actually wore very different and lively colours.  You can see also that we were all smiles.

And this has to be the most interesting shot of the trip with Wee Siang floating above the water.  Wouldn’t say what is the trick.  But yay, that’s pretty cool isn’t it?  Had to dragged Xinzi into the deeper end of the water so that she can be more acclimatised to the sea.  She isn’t quite a swimmer.

After much cam whoring, we were off on our exciting banana boat ride.  I reckon it was a 20-30 minutes ride at the sea and really fun because everyone is hanging on tightly but we knew at some point we got to capsize.  At every sharp bend we conquered, we held our lives dearly to the strap in front of us and bend really low so as to lower our centre of gravity but eventually we all went down the water.  Which was the whole fun bit of a banana boat ride.  Kai who was in front of me get to enjoy the banana boat double time because she went down on the water twice!

After getting soaked in sea water, we went for a dip at the pool.  It was nice hanging at the pool and the two others at the pool deck helping us take pictures and keeping our other belonging dry.

After all the fun with the banana boat and fun time at the pool, we went back shower, took a short rest and headed for our much awaited seafood dinner.  We actually ordered a million rupiah worth of food, but I shan’t bother with the rest of the dishes and focus on the key highlight crabby dinner.  First we had the chilli crab which was pretty spicy.  But the gravy was so good that we almost mopped it all up.  Extra serving of rice was consumed as the gravy goes so nice with the white rice.

Then we had black pepper style… I am not a fan of black pepper crab because I always think that the black pepper taste always cover the taste of the crab as it overwhelms the seafood flavour.

The best is the steam crab.  It was so good as we can taste the freshness, and less cumbersome to eat without the gravy and all.  We even Ahave to an extra portion just to satie everyone’s appetite.

After dinner activity is playing cards and more drinking.  We wasn’t too adventurous with the drinking.  We also played truth and dare.  There were many secrets let out during the session but it shall stay within that four walls of the hotel room.

Next day, we actually went for a full body massage at Isabella Massage at the town centre.  2 hours of body scrub and massage was what it was.  Although I did enjoy the massage but it can never compare with the kind of experience when I have massage in China.  Two words to describe the massage in China.  Cheap and Good.  But already very cheap relative to Singapore’s standards.

Finally after all the massage and shopping is bidding goodbye to the Batam town centre.  And this photo close the wonderful chapter of the Rupiah Millionaire Retreat.  Look how everyone seems to be more tired when the first arrive.  Hahaha.

Photo credits:  Xinzi.



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