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The Line @ Shangri-La July 24, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in food.

I always wondered if going to buffet is a popular activity for people who live overseas, but in Singapore it definitely is.  I have been to countless buffet since I was 18 and there’s probably some dramatic changes since the time I started pigging out in the buffet line.  Having buffet is a good choice especially for a get-together with friends because you have plenty of time to catch up while devouring the diverse choices of cuisines and dishes and there’s no worries that someone won’t like the choice, unless of course purse strings is an issue.  A buffet can be an expensive affair.  Even more so in today’s context.  A decent buffet at a hotel easily cost above $50 with many places offering brunches at a price tag above $100.  Before taxes.

With some good luck; or rather good effort of my team; we were brought to the Shangri-La famed The Line for a buffet dinner.  A treat from the boss to celebrate our team for being the top in the network.  Sadly though it is also cum farewell dinner for my best friend in the branch as well.  I have wanted to go to The Line for a long time; especially since one of my good friend bragged about it several times.  It is like the penultimate destination for buffet.  Maybe it has sometime to do with its name as well.  Because for that it became an item in my Forty by 40 list.

Save for the sweets, I couldn’t take any good pictures of the food.  Bad me though because of my lousy camera I didn’t manage to take any good pictures of the food delights….  Sigh, a carpenter shouldn’t blame its tool.  Actually I was just stuffing myself with the goodies. I did enjoyed the buffet line with plenty of seafood choices: oysters, scallops, crayfish, prawns, mussels and crabs of various varieties.  There was a section of Japanese sashimi and sushi (which i didn’t try) and a wonderful salad bar.  Other stuffs are pretty standard with italian pasta/pizza, western, chinese (dim sum), indian and local varieties of noodles and roast meats.  Of course not forgetting its sweets section including a chocolate fondue and ice-cream counter.

Because Shangri-La isn’t the most accessible of places, therefore it will not be my primary choice destination.  But I do certainly hope to visit it again so that I can take some good pictures to share with everyone.  But I reckon it has to be lunch though.



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