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Cafe Crema @ Gardens By The Bay July 17, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in food, nature, singapore.

As most of my friends and colleagues would know by now that I am insanely in love with Gardens By The Bay.  As mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to check out Cafe Crema.  This cafe caught my eyes because the green signage blends well with the greens outside creating a sort of harmony.  I also like the drop down window panes which allows its patron a full view outside.  This should also lends a natural lighting to the cafe.

So as my friend and I strolled into the cafe, we were welcomed by the clean, large and spacious cafe which gives a natural and cosy feeling.  The cafe was pretty cool.  I loved the big bench which sits right in the centre of the cafe.  I have a thing for a big bench because it gives a very free spirited feeling… because you definitely need to share the bench with someone, and whoever chooses to sit on the bench is probably a relax and easy-going person.  Someone who will give a smile, and maybe share a conversation with its stranger neighbour.  If you so prefer, you can also pull out a magazine, or fiddle with your iPad; or maybe even pull out a coconut?  Because when you are at a cafe smack in the middle of a beautiful garden, you can call it your day.

Now, this is the bench I am talking about.  Nice huh?

We decided to pull a quick stop at Cafe Crema, have our lunch and head out to see the pretty garden.  I purposefully took the afternoon off work and visit the garden (again) and expecting the garden to be less crowded but I was wrong!  This latest spot has attracted a swarm of tourists and visitors to the park.  You know how I used to think that only the British love their gardens, but now Singaporeans has very good reasons to love and be very proud of this new garden that we have.  Very, very proud.  Well, that should be another post.  Anyway at the cafe; as bloggers were; we were busy pushing our camera’s button away and after we are pretty done we finally set to order our lunch proper.

My friend ordered a Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich.  Immediately my hands were out and had my go at the chips because I was rather hungry.  I was good so I didn’t steal the sandwich which according to my friend was very pleasant tasting as the vegetables were very nicely marinated.  I can only agree with the great salsa sauce that comes with it.  I’m not one who would pay $17 for a sandwich without meat though and I am also very suspicious that I would even order this for my mother whom is a vegetarian because I saw my friend sawing away at the bread (which was really really hard).  But great tasting foccacia no doubts.

There, the meatloving self orders this Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio.  The flavour from the bacon, garlic and cheese were, omph!  The mushroom also adds a contrast in terms of the texture and taste from the bacon.  I had ordered an aglio olio hoping for a lighter taste but ended with this strong flavour which I got acclimatised to.  My friend seemed to love it though.  For $16 only it definitely looks more value for money compared to the earlier sandwich though I didn’t quite like that the linguine is a little to soggy.  I like my pasta cooked al-dente.  But can’t really expect much from a cafe.  This dish was good enough to sate me.

What’s a cafe visit without a coffee?  So here comes the order of the day which isn’t very tall.  Priced at $5.50.  I was delighted that it comes with an individually packed caramelised biscuit.  The coffee art wasn’t that impressive, but good effort.  The coffee is also average at best.  But I love my coffee served in a glass because holding it gives me a warm feeling.  It is warm because the milk can’t be boiled above 70 degrees celsius otherwise the vitamin goodness of the milk will be burned away with heat.

There you see, the blogger clicking away on her camera with her Ice-Chocolate and my Caffè Latte.  She claimed that the ice-chocolate is very good.  I can’t really tell a good chocolate from an average one but trust her taste bud to this as she also bakes and chocolate is one of her favourite ingridents.

What’s a post of a cafe in the garden without a picture of the iconic Super Tree?  These are the trees that sits just right outside the cafe.

Remember we were supposed to have a quick stopover for lunch as we want to head out the visit the garden but it was just so relaxing and calming at the cafe that the time just whizz by.  So I had to go for my 3rd visit to the garden within the week, but that should be another post.

Cafe Crema is just some 3 minutes walk from the dome conservatries and near to its main Visitor Information Centre.  By the way, you can rent a picnic basket at a small fee from the cafe and pack away some goodies to have a real picnic at the garden.  Isn’t that a cool idea?



1. 365days2play - July 17, 2012

1. Drop down window panes…that’s like so techy sounding…hahahhaha
2. I wish you could have pulled out a coconut. Could have eaten it.
3. I did not know that only the British were supposed to love their gardens?
4. The bread was rock solid at the bottom. Terrible, but as a fried breadstick, it tasted great. $17 for vegetable sandwich is rather expensive, but it happens to be cheaper than the other sandwiches already. Oh well.
5. Yes a cafe visit never quite seems complete without coffee.
6. That is a very tak-glam photo with the blogger’s tongue sticking out. Not afraid that she might sue you?
7. When shall we go?

Chen Pigu - April 16, 2013

I would agree with you about the standard of food however i had a discount my friend got from http://www.changirec.com so my meal was barely alright.

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