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Italian Bistro @ Covelli July 8, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in food.

I used to be working along the Orchard belt area, but never have heard about Covelli, a lovely Italian Bistro.  It is tucked away at basement two of Orchard Central.  I guess that explains why because OC is a mall that is really hard to navigate and you be surprised that there are plenty of hidden gems within the mall.  The same for Covelli.

I have the privilege to attend a tasting session at Covelli of its latest addition to the menu, thanks to my friend 365days2play and Eat! Actually, I cannot really differentiate a French or Italian restaurant; (Covelli is Italian by the way) except that Italian restaurant serves pizzas!

Baby Spinanch Salad $14

Do not be deceived by the name of the salad.  There is more tiger prawns than meets the eye.  In fact, what I enjoyed most is the bouncy texture, or shall I say springy texture?  However, there is too much cream to the salad, although the garlicky taste balance out the raw taste of the spinanch.

Antipasto Fruitti di Mare $18

This has to be one of my favourite amongst the food I sampled.  Immediately, the smoked salmon came to the tastebud and then the taste of sea from the generous portion of crabmeat.  The thick avocado slices adds a special texture to the iron out the diversity of taste within the plate.  There is also tuna and caviar in this more than thoughtful appetizer.  Great selection to open your taste buds.

Black Truffle Ravioli $20

I am not a big fan of ravioli.  But the special brown butter cream sauce is a delight to me.  The grated hazelnut enhances the creamy sauce and gives the ravioli a special texture to its finish.

Barramundi e Astice $28

This definitely ain’t the most eye-pleasing dish amongst all.  Guess what goes into that big piece of charcoal black item.  I guess the shape do suggests that it is lobster!  Below it is pan roasted Barramundi which is taste good as it is moist and offers a clean, mild taste.  A nice break from the usual seabass.

Quarantaotto $32

Finally, the 24 hours slow braised USDA beef short ribs.  To be frank, this has to be my least like item in the sample menu although I mopped it all up.  I didn’t really fancy the truffled mash – not sure if its because I was too full from all the previous items.  But the short ribs does have an acquired taste to me.  Notwithstanding, my friend favourite dish got to be this braised beef which is really very succulent.

Lychee Champagne Panna Cotta $10

Dessert time!  Always leave space for the tummy for dessert.  Panna Cotta is pretty standard but I must say it is good choice to have lychee – a favourite oriental fruit as dessert.  Although the ice is a little too rough for my liking however the tinge of champagne in the lychee freeze is just enough to cleanse the palate after such substantial dinner.

Covelli has a very comprehensive menu.  You will be spoilt for choice.  I’m planning a second trip soon to try some of the more tomato base dishes the next time round.



1. Needle and Fork - July 12, 2012

wow they all look so scrumptious!!! I love truffle on everything so I’m sure that ravioli tasted heavenly. come check out our blog!

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