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London Craze June 27, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in buy, food.

This year London is hosting the Olympics.  Hosting the Olympics is really a big thing because the government has to spend so much on construction and infrastructural projects like building the stadiums and roads and Olympics village for the sportsman and more hotels to cater to the tourists, etc…. all of which in anticipation for higher tourists receipts.  But be careful of what you ask for – the last thing is to have major white elephants in the cities and resulting in the default like Greece…

I’m not a big fan of London and have never been to the London city.  Since young I sing the familiar tunes of “London Bridge is Falling Down” without the faintest clue why it is always falling down; till today my newphew sings it; but it has never fallen!  I know in England there is a Queen and even watched the movie and the Queen hasn’t been nicest to Princess Diana for some reason.  The rest is history.  I have a friend who visited London and bought me a really nice shot glass from Buckingham Palace.  Not too sure if the royal family stays there, I doubt so.   I know there is the big tower clock known as the Big Ben, where a quaint restaurant at Swan Lake (Opera Estates) sits with the same name.  There is also a London version of Singapore Flyer known as London Eye, quite a hideous name… like there’s something watching the city always.  Of course not forgetting Cambrige University which most of us are familiar with because we all got a certificate from there, but it is not as good as attending the University itself!

Back to the Olympics.  We all get to know London all over again because it brings the grim, dark, rainy(?) and grey city back into the limelight.  I really like British and all things British.  From Harry Porter to Dead Poet’s Society.  I love their accent.  I have an ang mo friend whose name is MacDonald but is certainly not American… he calls me mate.  Hey, he certainly has nothing to do with Ronald.  I also like Harrods, and the cheaper version Marks and Spencer.  Most certainly I love the british pound because it is now so much cheaper compared to 10 years ago!

I have my eye set on a novelty biscuit tin I spotted at Marks and Spencer and finally decided to part with $37 to buy the London Map Tin Biscuit.  I have a thing for biscuit tin because I really one to own one, stash my cash money and other valuables in it and hide it under my bed.  I was laughed at by a certain friend calling this a girlish affair but I don’t really care because the biscuit tin is unique and have a London map!  Now I can get myself a little more familiar with the major London tourist sights while hiding away my treasure troves.  Hopefully one day, I can finally get to travel to London and see the real deal with my eyes.  I would be very pleased.  Meantime though, I will only have the biscuit tin.



1. 365days2play - July 11, 2012

1. I believe the Queen does stay there sometimes, and when she is in, the Royal Flag will be flying.
2. I watched many BBC programmes during the Queen’s jubilee and it appears that Lady Diana never toed the line and was also stealing the limelight from the Queen. Also, the Queen was obviously more concerned with wanting to protect the image of the monarchy so she tried to sweep under the carpet any concerns that Lady Diana had about the marriage, resulting in a very strained relationship between the 2.
3. The Singapore Flyer is modelled AFTER the London Eye.
4. I love all things British too!!!

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