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Forty by Forty June 26, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in life.

I used to have a blog that I religiously write couple years ago.  But somehow the passion died down, for various reasons.  What, I can’t remember.  Even though I have wanted to start one per my new year resolution this year, it hasn’t really kick off.  I have a close friend of mine who blogs and food and travel.  She gets media invites frequently and I thought it as pretty cool.  There’s a little side of me wishing to be a journalist since schooling day, so I thought if one day my blog gets that kind of popularity, I may get invited too.  However, I don’t think I would want to start a blog with a specific focus in mind.  I love diversity and I’m more than about food (though really, I live to eat!) so been cracking my head really hard one day and decided to Google!  Tada!  I got a brilliant idea from a blog and decided to start a blog with a focus on achieving the things I wanted to do.

So this blog will serve two purposes.  One to help constantly remind me what I want to do, and get it done.  No fail!  Another is simply, for me to have stuff to blog about.  I’m excited about the prospect of writing again.

It is really not easy to think of 40 things to do before I turn 40.  I the sort of conservative person who rather go for achieveable targets rather than the unattainable.  And thinking  of 20, I went “gosh!  that’s a lot to do in another 5 years!”.  This is because the time seems short and too much to do and also some of them actually involved cost.  There were pretty much “vacation, holiday, and travelling” involved.  I guess that goes to show how much I do value having a vacation.  There were also other things that involves money…. But I guess I should just go have a shot at it. I’ll be happy to find some sponsors though.

Here’s the list:

  1. Own a property of my own
  2. Run half a marathon
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Learn to play tennis
  5. Get a DSLR camera
  6. Learn to draw Winnie the Pooh
  7. Staycation at 5 star hotel
  8. Go to a nude beach
  9. Go on a Club Med holiday
  10. Bring my mum for a vacation trip
  11. Holidaying with friends
  12. Get on a Cruise
  13. Enjoy buffet at Shangri-La The Line
  14. Splurge myself on a LV product
  15. Dinner at Morton’s
  16. Visit Sky Park at MBS
  17. Buy an art piece
  18. Take a picture with a celebrity
  19. Earn $10K commission in a month
  20. Attend a concert
  21. Do a short videoclip on youtube
  22. Rear a pet
  23. Finish reading All TIME 100 novels
  24. Play a board game
  25. Begin a retirement plan
  26. Lose 20 kg
  27. Treat 9 friends to a hearty meal
  28. Have a fun birthday party celebration with friends
  29. Be a premier banking customer
  30. Have a go at A380
  31. Dress up crazy for a theme party
  32. Skinny dip
  33. Shake hand with the President
  34. Watch a sports event live
  35. Donate to alumni fund
  36. Fast for one week
  37. Go to the theatre
  38. Do 40 good deeds to strangers
  39. Travel without any electronics device
  40. Visit a theme park

I have included this on my Menu page of the blog.  There may be changes to it along the way if I find something more meaningful or practical.  There are just so many things that one can do… I guess this list is as good as it is for a start.  Leave a comment if you have any great ideas.  I may just add/drop!

This is so exciting.  It is like my bucket list for next 5 years.  Wish me success!



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