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Welcome Year of the Dragon January 21, 2012

Posted by gurkhason in gym.

I really like celebrating Lunar New Year, I guess because this is a festive where my family will really celebrate.  It is a long preparation leading to the actual day – spring cleaning, getting new furnitures, fresh coat of paint, new electronics, and of course the mandatory new clothes to wear for new year day, festive decorations as well as festive snacks and tidbits.  My mum will be busy buying the necessary ingredients for the reunion dinner.

This is also the time of the year where I will get into the frenzy of collecting red packets from all the various banks.  I am thrilled to find out the design of the red packets, their quality and how it is packaged for the different segments of the customer.  But that should be another post.

I hasn’t been keeping up with a few things I should have done.  For example – utilising the gym membership more.  This is serious because this means I hasn’t been working out enough, and wasting the membership fees.  I wasn’t quite sure where has the time gone… basically I didn’t go before work because I was lazy to wake up early (weather is pretty damn good during this time of the year), and too tired after work.  I know hese are excuses and hence I swear that I will go to the gym tomorrow, the day after, etc.  At the very least swim a few laps in the pool.

I finished reading “The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes.  This is a Man Booker Prize winner for 2011.   I will do a review of the book as I have set my resolution here, so that will be another post.  I have been carrying around this novel “The God of Small Things” for quite some days but hasn’t got round to reading it.  I shall do so.  (p.s.  I have been carrying my swimming trunk and goggles in my document bag to work everyday thinking that I will sneak in a swim, but…. oh well!)

I set the record revenue for the month of January.  It’s actually a mearge revenue compared to some of my peers and below the average of my team members, but that spared me from having a nightmarish chinese new year with the stress of not meeting expectations, or deviating from it too much.  Work wise there has been some developments as well, but I shall leave it to another post later.

My stocks are up.  Recently invested in a few counters using the strategy that I’ve learned mostly from Peck (buy low, sell high).  Was able to help augment my income, particularly I gave more allowance to mum, and also the ang pows I have to give for CNY and mum’s and grandma’s birthday.  Greatest investment to date is Keppel Land.  Declared a 20 cents dividends yesterday, a yield close to 7.8% based on yesterday’s closing price.



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